ZineWriMo 2021 – halfway update

How is your ZineWriMo (zine writing month) going? Have you been making any zines or done some of the prompts? November is already halfway so it’s time to look back at what I did so far and my plans for the rest of the month.

What I’ve done so far:

Well… not a lot… Despite ZineWriMo happening now, I really needed a creative pause. Instead I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading books, both about witchcraft. Witchiness is of course also part of this month/season and I’m enjoying it. Some zine-related things I did do are:

  • I’ve read a few zines.
  • I’ve reviewed the zines I read last month.
  • I participated in PHX Zine Fest as a vendor and a panelist: I was one of the zinesters who virtually “tabled” (you can still find my zines here and here) and I joined the panel of international zinesters who talked about our zines, our local zine scenes, how we deal with different languages, the role of digital media, and connecting/travelling/moving to zine communities across the globe. It was so interesting to hear the other zinesters’ stories and perspectives! Big thanks to the organisers, the moderator, the interpreters, and the other panelists!
  • I’ve updated my “ideas notebook” with all my recent ideas for future zines and mini-zines.
  • Talking about notebooks: I’ve chosen a notebook to be my “Book of Shadows” (a witch’s notebook) and I’ve started writing down some of the things I’ve learned from watching those witchy YouTube videos… It’s fun because it’s low-stress and just for myself but I might use some of it for upcoming creative projects… I enjoy learning about practices that are beneficial for self-care and making plans for witchy creative projects. For example, I’ve been doodling and designing lot of “sigils”, magical symbols, in my Book of Shadows. It’s nice that it’s just for me and I can scribble and write and create whatever I want. I do plan to make and publish some witchy zines soon but at this moment I’m sticking to my notebook.

Plans for the rest of the month:

Even though I don’t want to stress or push myself, I would like to get engaged with some creative projects again soon. Here are some things I have in mind:

  • Finish the five mini-zines I’ve been working on for a while: about Autumn, bunny magick, amulets, joy, and a queer choose-your-own-adventure (it will take some more time to get them printed though).
  • Get started with making a new zine about witchiness/witchcraft
  • Maybe work on Confined #5 and Echotopia #2
  • Make some black out poetry
  • Start designing an oracle card deck
  • Design a new postcard
  • And finally I want to show you some of my favourite zine tools on this blog (see prompts list)!

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