ZineWriMo 2021 – looking back

ZineWriMo 2021‘s final day has arrived! This blog post talks about what I did in the second half of this month. (You can read about the first half here). Read on to find out about my zine projects, music news, collection and washi tapes and stamps, witchiness, black out poetry, and upcoming plans:

What I did in the second half of the month:

I’ve finally sat down at my zine making table again to try to finish 5 mini-zines I’ve been working on for a while (release date planned for early next year). Expect to read about witchy amulets, bunny magick, things I like about Autumn, and where I find joy, as well as to play a queer choose-your-own-adventure! πŸ™‚

A zine I intended to be working on this month but then felt stuck on is Echotopia #2: a metazine for my 20th zine anniversary. I made Echotopia #1 to celebrate 10 years of Echo Zines so a follow-up was in order. My excitement for my initial plan had depleted so I needed a new plan… and that became a 6th mini-zine focussed on my love for zines, zine dreams, party ideas, and a short personal zine herstory! I very much enjoyed creating it, working with colourful collages, writing lists, and drawing Chainsaw Bunny on the cover. It’s not entirely finished yet but almost.

At the same time as making those mini-zines, I’ve been typing some ideas in a libre office document (you don’t need word / microsoft office!) for a brandnew zine about witchiness. It’s mostly lists, rants, and ideas for now. I feel like I first have to learn, read, and study a bit more before I can really decide what to do with it. But witchy zine (and merch) stuff is definitely happening!

Talking about witchiness, last week I visited a zine library in my city, though not with the intention of visiting the library itself but because a witchy event took place there that I wanted to participate in. It was still nice to browse the zines and feminist books in this local anarchist library and archive (infotheek/anarchief).

Back to ZineWriMo: the official prompts list made by Sea Green Zines is there to guide and inspire us zinesters throughout the month. This year I didn’t do many of the prompts and the few I did were done on random days when I felt like doing them. One example is that I made a page of black out poetry. Or more like “violet out poetry”. πŸ™‚ (See above).

As one of the prompts suggested, I made a minizine for a friend, for her birthday.Zines make excellent presents in my humble opinion!

A prompt that I always get excited about is “show your zine tools”. So here are my washi tapes and stamps… The photos below show you the growth of my collection since July 2019 (photo on the left taken in 2019, on the right this month). I’ve acquired a few more washi tapes since then but the stamp collection has remained more or less the same.

Talking about stamps, time to decorate some new envelopes to use for sending out zines, postcards, and buttons…

Another ZineWriMo prompt I like is “show your creative space” and I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos other zinesters have shared. But my space is a bit too messy for a photo shoot at the moment so that will be for another time. I also didn’t get to “set my zines free” and “leave them somewhere to be found” but I plan on doing that soon, inspired by Twenty Two Zines and Coin-Operated Press, and leave some in local little free libraries. The “make a zine kit” prompt I’d like to do another time too.

Some more zine fun: Echo Zines was mentioned in the Zine Zone podcast as well as by Sea Green Zines in her Happy Mail Mondays videos (twice!) here and here. Yay! Thank you, zine friends! ❀

On to some music news: I was asked to record and release music on tape by Kitchen Leg Records as my solo project Lost Luna and so I’ve been lo-fi editing and home-mixing the 7 songs that will appear on that tape. Procrastination got control over my editing process in the previous months but now I’ve finally made some progress. We don’t have a release date yet but it will be some time next year. In the meantime, here is the Lost Luna page on the Kitchen Leg Records website.

Talking about tapes, my band Lavender Witch was invited to contribute songs to a compilation tape of The Screever zine (we were interviewed in the zine too) as well as for a benefit tape for a riot grrrl weekend that will happen in Germany in May. For The Screever tape and zine, you can buy it here and listen here. The person behind The Screever also makes awesome comic zines, and zines about Daria and – this one I haven’t read yet but I’m super curious – Sandra Bullock!

Finally, what I did today was perform a “witchy ritual” at home to show gratitude for the creative inspiration I’ve been getting as a zinester for the past 20 years and many more to come hopefully. This ritual was part of my 20th zine anniversary. Maybe I will write more about it in an upcoming zine or blog post (if anyone is interested in reading about it), we’ll see. For now, it was just something I did for myself.

Now ZineWriMo is (almost) over, what are my plans for December and the rest of the Winter?

  • I will review the zines I’ve read during ZineWriMo 2021. Keep an eye on this blog!
  • I hope to continue working on Confined #5. It’s another zine/project that’s suffered from procrastination and even though it will probably be the last issue (because I want to make other zines, not because the pandemic is over sadly), I really want to get it done because it will show parts of my pandemic experience that I want to remember (and maybe share).
  • I’m going to do another DIY zine residence (aka quiet holiday) where I can focus on the aforementioned zine, read a lot, walk and explore a lot, and relax a lot.
  • I have plans to create witchy DIY merch!
  • And finally, I should get a new postcard design finished and get it printed very soon…

How was your ZineWriMo experience?

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