What would you like to see from Echo Zines in 2022?

Hello, dear reader! I have some questions for you. I’ve been running Echo Zines (and Echo Records, to release a few tapes) for 20 years now and while I’m certainly not out of ideas for ongoing and upcoming projects, I’m also wondering about what YOU think, want, and expect! What would you like to see from Echo Zines in 2022?

Which kind of zines would you like to read?

  1. Diary comics (like my Confined series)
  2. Mini-zines (small 1-page-folded zines)
  3. Perzines (zines with a “personal” or autobiographical focus)
  4. Fanzines (about for example music, films, or other things I’m passionate about)
  5. Metazines (zines about zines)
  6. Colouring book zines
  7. Digital zines (pdfs you can download and print yourself)
  8. Game zines (like choose-your-own-adventures)
  9. Literary zines (f.e. with short stories or black out poetry)
  10. Travel zines
  11. OTHER: …

What kind of DIY merch do you enjoy most?

  1. Postcards
  2. Lino prints
  3. Buttons/badges
  4. Stickers
  5. Patches
  6. Cassette tapes
  7. Oracle card deck
  8. Lavender bags
  9. Charm bags
  10. Merch bundles
  11. OTHER: …

What kind of themes are you interested in?

  1. Self-care
  2. Witchcraft
  3. Music
  4. DIY guides & crafts
  5. Chainsaw Bunny adventures
  6. Queerness & gender identity
  7. Feminist issues (like body image)
  8. Activism
  9. Life stories
  10. Dreams & nightmares
  11. OTHER: …

What would you like to see on this blog?

  1. Echo Zines news
  2. Zine reviews
  3. Zine scene reports
  4. Interviews with zinesters
  5. Zine-related and DIY resources
  6. Images of my creative projects and artwork
  7. (Photo) reports of DIY/zine/queer/feminist events I go to
  8. Local and international zine news
  9. Witchy creativity spells
  10. Lost Luna guitar tabs / recordings / lyrics…
  11. OTHER: …

You can leave your answer in the comments or send me a message via email (or on Facebook or Instagram). Any feedback is welcome!

Thank you & happy winter holidays! 🙂

5 thoughts on “What would you like to see from Echo Zines in 2022?

Add yours

  1. Lino, postcards and stickers from merch

    Then: self care, music, DIY, self love, body, generally mental health, also stuff about noticing beauty in mundane or everyday life. Winter flowers.

    Zine reviews, echo zines news, zine and DIY resources, collaborations, zine events yes please, tell me more. I like discovering new!

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