My watch & listen lists of 2021

Now that I’m in the mood for making those end-of-the-year lists, here are some with the music I’ve listened to in 2021 as well as recommended videos/series/films and podcasts:


To be honest, I needed a lot of silence this year and didn’t listen to as much music as I did in 2020. I’m also sad and annoyed that the new EU VAT rules made it super expensive to buy CDs/tapes/vinyl online from outside of the EU from July on though… This shit doesn’t help the global DIY scene at all. Still, I took advantage of the Bandcamp Fridays to discover and buy albums of independent bands/artists on this platform. So let’s take a look at which bands and artists I’ve discovered last year and which have been inspiring me lately:

Band discoveries:

I’ve also been listening to (among others): Ani DiFranco, Bratmobile, Cat Apostrophe, The Heroine Whores, Juliana Hatfield, Hex, Kristen Hersch/Throwing Muses, Lauren Hoffman, Liines, Meeni Levi, Passionless Pointless, Penfriend/She Makes War, Screaming Toenail, Simon Waldram, Speed Dinosaurs, Tairrie B (of My Ruin), Von Stroheim, and the Girls Go BOOM mixtape.

For 2022 I’m especially looking forward to hearing the solo album of Louise Post (of Veruca Salt) as well as the Obey Robots debut album. I’d also like to go to some small outdoors concerts (and film screenings) this year. Why have those not been more of a thing since 2020?

Playlists I made in 2021:

Podcasts that kept me entertained:

(If anyone can recommend witchy podcasts to me – especially of the agnostic/sceptic/mundane/creative variant, although I’m curious about anything – please let me know!)



Documentaries, series, films, and YouTube videos that I got excited about and that I’d like to recommend…

TV series I’ve been watching (and binging):

  • Cobra Kai – you may feel “mweh” about the Karate Kid films but do still watch this!
  • Dickinson – funny, modern, and somewhat queer interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s life
  • Foundation – very imaginative sci-fi story with cool female and poc characters
  • The Good Fight – one of my favourite shows, very political
  • High Fidelity – set in the record shop, in which music plays a central role with a dark GenX-ish mood that I love
  • Miss Sherlock – like her brother Sherlock, only better
  • The Queen’s Gambit – beautiful story about a female chess champion
  • Star Trek Voyager – yep, it’s still so good and somehow cosy and calming to watch
  • The Wheel of Time – beautiful settings and lots of cool female and poc characters


  • Ammonite – beautiful melancholic lesbian romance
  • Benzina – lesbian road movie adventure
  • The Craft Legacy – I thought this was gonna disappoint but it was amazing! Highly recommended, especially for fans of the original The Craft!
  • Dune
  • The Matrix 4: Resurrections
  • Promising Young Womanread the review by Larissa Oliveira here


After my recent YouTube guitar pedal video addiction, I’ve now developed a YouTube witchery video addiction. 🙂 Some channels I enjoy watching regularly:

I also loved this interview with Lauren Hoffman in which she talks about her songwriting process, changes in the music industry since the 90s, obstacles she faces, and advice for new musicians:


And while we’re talking about music again, I also highly recommend watching Penfriend’s YouTube channel for creative inspiration!

So, this list of music and videos is of course incomplete but it gives you an idea of all the wonderful stuff I’ve been listening to and watching. Which bands, podcasts, films, and series have you discovered or enjoyed in 2021?

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