My plans and dreams for 2022

All the usual new year’s resolutions are so uninteresting, don’t you think? I prefer to make a list of things I would really LIKE to do. How about you? What are your dreams and plans for 2022?

On the image above you can see a hand-made oracle deck that I created myself. I selected some cards that I think fit for the beginning of the new year: adventures, big dreams, exploring, finding magic everywhere, connecting with your community, colouring outside the lines (also a reference to a zine I love)… Find out more about my plans:


It’s a bit more complicated to dream big during a pandemic so for my 2022 plans I focused on things that would be manageable, even if the situation remains unsafe. Sure I’d like to do tours with my band or go to lots of IRL international zine fests but I don’t know if any of that will be possible or feel safe enough.

So this is what I’d love to do and make this year:

  1. ZINES: print and publish the 6 mini-zines I’ve been working on for a while (check this blog tomorrow!), and make a new bigger issue of Witches’ Brew about witchcraft, the 19th issue of Same Heartbeats, and the 5th issue of Confined.
  2. MUSIC: release more music by my solo project Lost Luna (coming soon!) as well as write and record new songs with my band Lavender Witch.
  3. MERCH: create witchy merch (stickers, postcards, buttons, spell bags…), start designing the “Oracle of Echo”, and maybe open a webshop on Red Bubble.
  4. CREATIVE CHALLENGES: draw my yearly self-portrait, do a creative challenge (such as carve lino stamps or embroider every day for 1 month), and participate in ZineWriMo and International Zine Month.
  5. OTHER CREATIVE PLANS: brainstorm about doing a podcast, expand my (witchy) art/illustration portfolio, experiment more with field recordings.
  6. READING: try and read at least 22 books and 222 zines.
  7. COMMUNITY: connect with the zine/DIY/queer-feminist community online and offline, participate in online zine events, send snail mail, organise picnics…
  8. EXPLORE: travel to and visit places nearby or further away, depending on what’s possible.
  9. LEARN: I’d like to learn more about witchcraft, sound-recording/editing, guitar pedals, printing techniques, gardening and herbs…

I find winters especially hard during the pandemic and I’m probably not the only one. Not only the lack of sunshine can get to me but also the lack of things to do outdoors because of the cold and rain. Some possible solutions I have in mind include going to museums, doing (night) walks, and making field recordings. What do you do these days?


Things that might not be possible this year but I can dream (#skunkanansie):

  1. Research zine culture and/or feminist media as a paid job
  2. Go on a zine tour and do zine readings
  3. Illustrate oracle cards and/or tarot cards for an actual publisher
  4. Buy a big house or small apartment block with friends

A thing I learned while watching witchy YouTube videos in 2021 was how making a visionboard can help inspire you to actualise your dreams. I plan on doing that very soon.

Read more about:

In last year’s plans & dreams for 2021 blogpost I included a longer-term wishlist/dreamlist for this decade. That included travelling to places I’ve never been before and seeing bands in concert I haven’t seen live yet. I didn’t get to check off any from my list and I’m not very hopeful that this will happen in 2022. But I also mentioned wanting to meet more international zinesters and while I didn’t do this in person, I did get to meet zinesters from across the planet in video calls and virtual events which was and is super excting! Other long-distance dreams were getting a book published and learning new creative skills (analog photography, animation software, building guitar pedals…) which are still things I’d like to do some day.

What are you plans and dreams for this decade?

5 thoughts on “My plans and dreams for 2022

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  1. I love the 22 books and 222 zines plan. Those are such satisfying numbers! Maybe I’ll try to do this too.
    I really want to get back to making Youtube videos… had to stop for a bit while we moved and now I have to get all my software back up and running. I want to do two issues of Unfair Maiden and at least one more tarot zine. I want to make stickers and postcards and generally put more little art things into the world.
    I want to have a more consistent witchcraft practice that branches beyond divination.
    I have so many things I want to do that I’m almost feeling discouraged, but I know that’s probably just cause I’m writing this during my sleepy hour x)

    1. Oh those sound like great plans! I already look forward to your upcoming videos and zines. Your tarot zines are the main reason I’m now interested in tarot! 🙂 I’m still learning, also about witchy stuff in general, so definitely interested in more issues. And you have a whole year (and more if you don’t manage to do everything in 2022) to do anything you want, so no worries, you’ll do fine!
      And yeah, the 22/222 reading lists work especially well this year. 😀 Last year I wanted to read 210 zines and 21 books and that worked out well.

      1. Aw that’s so cool! It’s funny that you’re branching into tarot from other witchcraft and I’m branching into other witchcraft from tarot xD

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