New mini-zines: Witches’ Brew #2 / Queer Quest #1 / Bunny Magick / Do it Yourself Care #4 + 5 / Echotopia #2

I’ve got big news! I’m releasing not just 1 new zine today but 6! These 6 freshly printed mini-zines have been a long work-in-progress that started in the summer. They cover a range of subjects and styles including a choose-your-own-adventure, self-care tips, witchy goodness, Chainsaw Bunny drawings, and a last-minute celebration for my zine anniversary.

New mini-zines:

  • Do it Yourself Care #4: joyful girl (where I find joy)
  • Do it Yourself Care #5: autumn blues
  • Witches’ Brew #2: amulets
  • Queer Quest #1: for community (choose your own queer adventure)
  • Bunny Magick
  • Echotopia #2

Each of these zines is filled with magick, fun, care, and lots of creativity. They are full-colour, hand-made 8 page A7-size mini-zines that can fold out into a poster. Scroll down for more information about the art and contents, and how to order them…

How to get ahold of these zines:

Interested in reading these zines? You can buy each mini-zine separately: 1 euro + postage. Mail me to place an order. The zines also come as part of a bundle that includes my new postcard (see photo below). Find the bundle in my webshop or mail me to place an order.

I’m open for trades too. I’m especially interested in zines that touch upon similar subjects: queer community, witchcraft, zine herstory, and self-care.

Take a look at my zine catalogue to see all of my currently available zines.

More info about each mini-zine:

Witches’ Brew #2: amulets & pendants
In this mini-zine I’ve drawn and written about my favourite amulets and pendants. I don’t own or wear a lot of jewelry but I do love my small collection of pendants, certainly those that have a witchy vibe and nice memories attached to them!

Queer Quest #1: for community (choose your own queer adventure)
This mini-zine was made during a zine workshop organised by Shabbes 24/7 in Brussels a few months ago. I wanted to write about queerness and thought that a choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) might be a fun approach. I’ve been wanting to create a game zine since following a virtual workshop about CYOA zines at Swansea Zine Fest.

Bunny Magick
Chainsaw Bunny kept nagging to make a zine with her in a starring role, so here it is! This zine is a mini-guide to witchcraft as practiced by your favourite stuffed bunny!

Do it Yourself Care #3: joyful girl (where I find joy)
This mini-zine was made (and later finished) during a virtual workshop by zinester Seleena Laverne Daye for Andro & Eve. The theme was joy so I used it to list things that bring me joy, in a layout and colours that will help spark that vibe. The title is also a reference to a song by Ani DiFranco.

Do it Yourself Care #4: autumn blues
Oh, I always miss summer at the beginning of Autumn… So I thought I’d make this little zine to remind myself of the fun and cosy things that Autumn has to offer. And now I already miss this colourful season!

Echotopia #2
Last year I celebrated my 20th zine anniversary about which I blogged at length here. I decided to make a second issue of Echotopia as the first issue was released to celebrate 10 years of making zines. The second issue is a lot smaller in size but I think it’s become a precious gem filled with a little ECHO herstory, lots of ziney ideas, and an article about the role that zines play in my life (and even more during the pandemic).

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