How I made my spell bags

On my journey of exploring witchery, I enjoy focussing on the “craft” part of witchcraft and create lots of little “magickal” objects. I’m interested in tools and other witchy things that can be hand-made and used for self-care, self-confidence, and empowerment. Magick can be so simple sometimes.

Lately I’ve made a bunch of spell bags or charm bags. Some of them are available in my webshop. Take a look, I’m curious what you think. 🙂

Now, because the creative magick that I practice is not some secret power (or is it?), I’d like to demystify how I made these spell bags and show you each step of the creation process so you can make your own!

How to make your own spell bags:

The first thing to do is think about what you want to achieve with your spell bag. Do you want it to bring you comfort or courage? Do you want it to smell nice and cosy? Do you want it to relax or empower you? Do you just want to create a beautiful object to give as a present or place in your home? Your intentions will influence which colours and ingredients you will use and it will help to keep them in mind during the creation process.

The next step is deciding on which fabric to use. For this my synesthesia comes in handy but you can also just choose your favourite colour, a pattern you like, or use colours that match with your intentions for the spell bag (for example blue is commonly seen as a calming colour). I chose white flower-pattern cotton fabric and red flower-pattern cotton fabric. Then cut the fabric in rectangular shapes (size depends on how big you want your bags to be – remember the end result will be a bit smaller than the pieces of fabric you cut out):

Here you can see the rectangular fabric pieces folded in half (below) and what the bags will look like when they are sewn (above):

Then fold over and sew the two outer edges of the rectangular pieces of fabric to keep it from fraying.

Fold the rectangular piece of fabric in half with the “right” sides facing inwards and sew with a straight line around 3 sides of the fabric (not the already folded and sewn edges).

When you’re done, it’s a good idea to cut a little piece from all the corners as you can see on the image below (the bag in the middle). Then turn the bag inside out.

I designed sigils – symbols with magickal meanings – that I rolled up and added in the bags. I recommend reading the book Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff (don’t buy it from Amazon, order if from your local bookshop ffs!) or watching YouTube videos about making sigils (take a look here for a list of witchy YouTube channels I recommend) to get inspiration to create your own.

Decide on which other ingredients to use inside the bag, f.e. herbs, dried flowers, beads, stones, shells, buttons, charms, seeds, etc…

My selection for the contents of the spell bags:

And here are… the finished spell bags! (I tied them with gold-coloured thread and added a button to symbolically “bind” the spell)

So now you can make your own spell bags! If you’re interested, you can also purchase mine here. ❤

PS. I wanna do a daily witchy creative challenge in February. I’m calling it “Februwitchery” (yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound as good as Stitchtober, Inktober, or Linovember…). 🙂 I have lots of ideas for things to make for a project like this but my plan for now is to carve a small lino stamp with a witchy theme every day. To be continued!

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