Zines I’ve read in 2022 (January)

Here I am again to show you the zines that I’ve read in the first month of 2022. These include zines with a personal/autobiographical focus, zines with great visual appeal (particularly a few that make wonderful use of collages), zines that discuss political issues, and zines sharing the author’s passions. The personal zines or perzines I read share thoughts about and experiences with mental health and disability, the importance of (centering) friendship, doing a Phd during the pandemic, growing older, and there was even a zine that celebrates perzines and invites you to make your own. I’ve had the opportunity to read a few mini-zines that were made during a workshop by Shabbes 24/7 and that talk about diaspora, identity, and home. Then there were some zines that are more educational about questioning your gender identity (especially as a cis person) and tips for what to do when you feel miserable. Finally I’ve read a colouring book with illustrations in support of abortion activism, a study into (un)censorship and subcultures, a colourful choose-your-own-adventure situated in a research context, a beautiful risographed mini-zine, and a celebration of the greatest albums of 2021.

Several of these zines I received from zinester pen pals who I’ve been trading zines with for a while (you know who you are 🙂 ) and it’s so precious to know they keep making their wonderful publications and keep contributing to building a zine community. I’m honoured and grateful to receive and read what they create. ❤

More info and photos:

Find most of the zines here:

For the black & white mini-zines at the bottom of the photo below you can get in touch with Shabbes 24/7.

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