Februwitchery – how it’s going with my witchy lino stamps

In the beginning of the month I set a challenge for myself to try and make one lino stamp every day in February. Because I wanted the designs to have witchy themes, I called this challenge “Februwitchery”. 🙂 So, would you like to see how it’s going so far?

In the images above and below you can see all the lino stamps I’ve carved up until today. It would be cool to at least glue some of them to blocks or corks at the end of the month so they will be easier to use as stamps. So far I’ve made stamps with the moon phases, a cup of tea, a pentagram, stars, an eye, a key, a snake, a wand, and a Lost Luna logo. I’ve carved one nearly every day this month which I’m quite proud of.

The linos I made are all very simple small designs. Easy and fast to make yourself if you would feel like trying. Linos don’t need to be complicated or big and I personally think any stamp design looks awesome and magickal. You just need a special carving tool and some lino which you can get in craft shops (boycott Amazon please). You could even use a rubber eraser or potato to carve your design in which has a similar effect! For ink, there exists special lino ink but you can also use a regular ink pad for stamps (much easier to apply).

However, there is 1 thing to watch out for! A mistake that many have made, including me as you can also see on the photo above: when working with letters or numbers, it’s important to carve them in mirror view! I had to re-do my Lost Luna logo because I forgot about that… 🙂

PS. There was a full moon here tonight!

6 thoughts on “Februwitchery – how it’s going with my witchy lino stamps

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  1. Oh man, I’ve often done carvings where I accidentally end up with one letter not mirrored. It’s so annoying haha! It’s usually the letter N that gets me. It’s so hard for me to picture which direction the middle stroke goes when mirrored.
    Although I think it would be pretty cool to print the backwards “Lost Luna” and then the frontwards “Lost Luna”. They look really neat on top of each other, or maybe you could use the backwards one as like a reflection and draw a mirror around it!

    1. Oh, I wish I thought of that. 😀 I already cut up the letters to be able to reuse the little moon. I might reuse some of the letters that are the same when mirrored, not sure about the others yet. Or I can still make the mirror image with with each letter separately.

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