New spell bag recipe

In between all the lino carving, I made a new spell bag! Spell bags or charm bags can be used for self-care and witchcraft and can contain any ingredient from herbs to sea shells. This one is intended to boost courage and self-confidence as well as to inspire cosiness and comfort. And it smells soooo good!

Find out what’s inside and how to make your own:


  • dried orange peel (cut in the shape of stars and hearts)
  • dried chamomile flowers
  • dried lavender flowers
  • dried pine
  • dried sage
  • cloves
  • a sigil
  • beads
  • a lavender-coloured button
  • a smell purple bell
  • a charm in the shape of the moon
  • gold-coloured yarn
  • a self-sewn red flower-print cotton bag

To “activate” the spell bag when I need to be reminded of my own courage, I like to squish it a bit to be able to smell all the herbs and orange peels. 🙂

Do it yourself!

Learn how to make your own spell bag.

More spell bags:

Interested in acquiring some of my spell bags? I’m selling some in my webshop. Take a look. ❤

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