Some of my lesser-known zines

Today I present you some of my lesser-known zines. Certain Echo zines have gotten more attention than others so that’s why I’d like to put the spotlight on some hidden gems. 🙂 These talk about autonomous spaces, finding creative inspiration, moving house, and feminism, featuring collages, drawings, and writings.

Take a look:

A Space of Our Own

This mini-zine was created and first printed on a risograph machine thanks to Penfight distro when I was visiting the office and shop they had at that time in Manchester. The reprints I’m currently selling are colour photocopies. The zine talks about why I think autonomous spaces are important and gives some examples of autonomous spaces I love.

More info

(1 euro + postage)

In Movement

I made this zine when I was looking for a new place to live. I really enjoyed the process of making this, it felt spontaneous and free. The writing is very personal and covers my past homes, things I thought I might miss from my previous shared house, tips from friends for living alone, and more. The houses on the cover were designed as a lino print and each copy has a hand-stamped tree and matching yarn to bind the pages.

More info

(1 euro + postage)

Ladies’ Room

This zine is a collaborative zine, made during a workshop at Z33 in Hasselt in 2007 and with contributions of and published by the Riot Grrrl Collectief, the local feminist collective in Hasselt at that time. So it’s not technically an Echo publication even though I was a member of the collective and I did take care of the editing and layout of the zine. So I continue to distribute the copies I still have in stock. Some topics you can find inside: beauty standards, questioning your gender, autonomous spaces, and consumerism. Because it was made in 2007, some of the language (in Dutch and English) is now outdated so please be aware of that! (By the way I know that’s a typo in the title).

(2 euro + postage)


Another (mini)zine of which I remember having fun while making it, is this little mini-guide about things that inspire my creative projects. I hope it can serve as a tool for inspiration and fun for its readers too. It’s full colour and full of ideas!

More info

(1 euro + postage)

If you are interested in any or all of these zines, you can email me to place an order or suggest a trade. ❤

More zines in my zine catalog and webshop.

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