Zines and postcards for International Women’s Day

Forget giving flowers or jewellery on Women’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate, remember, and plot feminist struggles after all! It’s a day to go on strike, organise, and educate yourself and others. And why not a day to read feminist zines and send postcards?

By the way, for March 8th I have some news to share about my solo music project Lost Luna too… Read on:

Feminist zines by others zinesters that I love:

and many others… ❤


Some of my own zines that fit for this occasion:

CuNt & Paste: a zine dedicated to feminist graphic art, posters, and zines

Dirty Lesbian: about queer-feminism, lesbophobia, and comics/music by les-bi-ans

Feminist Activist: a mini-zine with tips for feminist activism and a map of feminist projects in Belgium

From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls: my musical journey from being a fan of the Spice Girls to discovering riot grrrl and other loud feminist rock, it also includes writings about gender and age, and looking back at the 2000s.

Hier en Nu: a study of anarcha-feminism and non-hierarchical organising methods that I wrote (in Dutch) as my gender studies thesis

Letter Soup: a zine about words which includes pieces about consciousness-raising, consent, shyness, radical cheerleading, and more

Lost Luna Zines: a series of mini-zines for my music project Lost Luna which talks about reclaiming the stage and air waves and my favourite (female) musicians

Same Heartbeats: my long-running feminist perzine series in which I document the local and less local DIY-queer-feminist scene and talk about feminist activism among other things

Space Invasion: a zine about space which includes pieces about a lesbian-feminist haunted house, autonomous spaces, street art, street harassment, and more

You can order any of these by mailing me. If you’re interested, I also sell a bundle of feminist zines and postcards as well as feminist songs and other goodies in my webshop.

Find all my zines here.


I’ve made some postcards that fit IWD too:

I enjoy sending and receiving postcards for New Year and birthdays but I also really like the idea of writing (protest) postcards on days like International Women’s Day, May 1st, Halloween, and other activist and witchy holidays. Find all my postcards here or together as a bundle here.

I also recommend taking a look at the postcards by Clitsawonderfulworld, Nicole E. Schlosser, and Desirenbos!


Lost Luna news

Big news! “Wish Upon a Star”, the second album of my solo project Lost Luna will come out on March 8th! Thanks to Kitchen Leg Records it will be released digitally as well as on tape! ❤ You’ll be able to find it on my Bandcamp music page as well.

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