Lost Luna – Wish Upon a Star (new album out now on tape + digital!)

Hi! Today – March 8th or International Women’s Day – is the release date for Lost Luna’s second album “Wish upon a star“! Exciting!! It’s out now on cassette tape and digital via Bandcamp and it’s full of dark lo-fi guitarrr tunes about personal and political themes.

Thanks to the Berlin based tape label Kitchen Leg Records the album is produced on tape. They also designed and created the amazing artwork. ❤ So you can get the tape from them or from me on Bandcamp. If you live in Germany, postage will of course be cheaper if you order it from Kitchen Leg Records.

More info:

Lost Luna is the solo music project of Nina Zina (zine maker and guitarist in Lavender Witch and Vagina Dentata). Lost Luna has been home-recording for over 20 years, always with whatever lo-fi equipment was on hand and with a DIY attitude. Inspired by 90s alternative rock and riot grrrl bands as well as older and more contemporary DIY music, she continues to turn her room into an improvised mini studio.

After releasing her EP “Shadow Play” in 2021, the second album “Wish Upon a Star” by Lost Luna – again 100% home recorded – is darker in every way. Seven songs tell stories about mythological and imaginary monsters, feminist fights, collecting forgotten memories, longing for quietness, and pandemic reflections, songs that call for the stars to guide us through the darkness. Embraced by heavily distorted guitars, multi-layer vocals, effect pedal and sewing machine beats, and an occasional guitarlele, there’s doomy rock here, spooky spoken word, and melancholic grunge. If 2021 was an album, it would sound like this (but I promise you’ll enjoy it more than the past year!).



  1. Waking up Medusa
  2. The collector
  3. All I wished for


  1. Wear what we want
  2. Sew sew
  3. I didn’t mean to be mean
  4. Bitch monster

(One of the things I love about tapes are the A-sides and B-sides 😀 )

Where to get the music?

You can listen to and buy the digital music and/or tape on my Bandcamp page or via Kitchen Leg Records.

You can also email me if you prefer.

Oh, and did I already tell you it’s a limited edition release? So better hurry to get your copy of the tape!


Lost Luna is a one-grrrl DIY home-recording project
Guitars, vocals, lyrics by Nina
Tools: BC Rich Warlock guitar, Ortega guitarlele, Laney amp, Digitech Sdrum pedal, and lots of other pedals, H2 Zoom mic, and Audacity open source software.

Kitchen Leg records is an half Canadian/half Italian tape label based in Berlin, inspired by d.i.y., collages, dada, zines, mail-art, Minutemen’s econo-aesthetic and philosophy, riot grrrls, punk and more.

“Wish upon a star” cassette tape: 7 track limited edition polar white C30, hand dubbed, with silver glitter case. Cover artwork by Andrew Kemp. Produced on tape by Kitchen Leg Records. ❤

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