Zines I’ve read in 2022 (February)

Curious about which zines I’ve read in February? Here you can see them all… They include perzines (with a focus on autobiographical content), artzines (with a focus on the artwork / visual aspect), colourful mini-zines* (one-page folded booklets), activist zines, and even a 24 hour zine (I love those!) with a prompt from yours truly. The zines contain collages, drawings, digital art, tetra pack prints, daily photos with personal stories, poetry, research, and a variety of other writings and artwork. They talk about the history of witch persecutions and its relation to the rise of capitalism and patriarchy, “wine moms” aka “cis-core” (or white middleclass cis norms), herbs for reproductive care, food, the power of community, daily life in the pandemic, cassette tapes, anxiety for climate change, dinosaurs, translated and illustrated Greek/English/Spanish feminist and queer slogans, (family) trees, and more… I think this is a super inspiring collection of zines, showing the great diversity and endless possibilities of this DIY media format. ❤

*By the way, it’s Mini Zine March this month!

More info and photos:

Zine titles and where to find (most of) them:

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