Echo news (March 2022) – Lost Luna, zine libraries, reviews, and exhibition

It’s been a while since I posted one of these big updates with news and upcoming events. But I’ve got some exciting things to share with you.

So here is news about my newest zine/craft/music projects, radio shows that played my songs, libraries that acquired my zines, reviews, an upcoming exhibition, and more…

New zines, crafts, and music:

You may already know but in the beginning of the year I published 6 new mini-zines and 1 new postcard which I put together as a bundle in my webshop. You can also buy them directly from me via email (together or separately) or suggest a trade. I started working on them during a few zine workshops (virtual and irl) and during a DIY zine residency (aka holiday) and finished them later. They talk about finding joy, a queer advanture, my zine journey, and witchycraft.

Last week the new Lost Luna album “Wish upon a star” came out. Thanks to Kitchen Leg Records it was released on tape as well as digital. Listen online and find it in my webshop. More info.

I also created spell bags, filled with herbs, sigils, beads, and buttons! Again, find them in my webshop.

More Lost Luna news:

On the blog “Listening to the Noise until it Makes Sense” which features amazing writing about mental health, trikes, community, art, and more, zinester and activist Laura-Marie wrote a lovely review of the “Wish upon a star” album. Thank you! ❤

Kool Strings as well as Loose Canon included Lost Luna songs in their recent radio shows which made me very happy.  ❤

By the way, my band Lavender Witch is working on a new video! More news about that soon!

Where to find my zines:

Apart from ordering them from me, my zines can be found in other places too. I’m excited to announce that a few libraries, archives, and shops have recently acquired some of my zines. That is cool because it expands the readership and also makes sure my zines will be preserved. ❤

A little while ago, the women’s history archive AVG-Carhif in Brussels added several of my zines in their collection. Zine library La Pipette Noir in Italy also has a few of my zines in their collection and if you live in or visit Germany, you can visit Nachladen and buy some of my comic zines there.

For more zine libraries, distros and shops that include my zines, check this list.

Other news:

This weekend, March 18th-20th, I’m participating in the art exhibition that will go along with the release of “Grace”, the new album of Baby Fire! It takes place at Brass in Brussels and there will be lots of stuff to see and hear. More info on the Facebook event and on this blog.

A little while ago I made a portfolio website to create an overview of my illustrations, comics, zines, and postcards. So if you’re curious about my artwork, go check it out.

Some awesome people recently reviewed some of my zines: Laura-Marie of the above mentioned ” Listening to the noise until it makes sense” blog posted about Witches’ Brew #2, some of my zines appeared in recent happy mail videos by Sea Green Zines – the Belgium edition and the Good Vibes edition 🙂 – and New Cult showed the zines they received by post in this video including some of mine.

Finally, please keep wearing your face mask and remind yourself why it’s useful, important, and cool with this poster I made. #zerocovid


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