Bandcamp Friday and the #1 best-selling grunge tape

Hi, how are you doing? Just so you know, there’s another Bandcamp Friday tomorrow on April 1st (it’s not a joke!). Why is it a good idea to buy music or merch from artists and bands on Bandcamp Fridays? Because on those days Bandcamp doesn’t take their cut of the sales which makes a big difference for independent and DIY artists. So you might want to check out my Bandcamp page and webshop in which I sell my zines as well as the music of my home-recorded solo project Lost Luna.

By the way, the sales of Lost Luna’s “Wish upon a star” album have been going well…

I have only 4 tapes left! Hurry if you want one. A digital version is available too.

In the first week of its release I got some pretty unbelievable news (thanks to the members of Passionless Pointless for pointing it out to me!): “Wish Upon a Star” was the best-selling grunge tape on Bandcamp! 😮 Thanks to everyone who contributed to that! Above you can see the “charts” with my tape in the company of Softcult, Momma, Soundgarden and Mudhoney. (It’s not photoshopped, I swear 🙂 ) 💙💜🖤💙

Here are the album covers for “Wish upon a star” (thanks to Andrew of Kitchen Leg Records) and “Shadow play“:

And last year I made some Lost Luna mini-zines which you can find on Bandcamp too:

Which Bandcamp artists would you recommend checking out?


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