Simple DIY magick – 7 creative ideas for you to explore

For me, delving into DIY witch practices is connected to creativity and self-care. This is what attracts me to it and keeps me curious and exploring. In this blogpost I’d like to share some simple witchy things I’ve enjoyed doing and making lately that can be used to enhance your creativity or mental health but are also just fun to create or learn about.


An easy witchy practice to do at home – or outdoors if you prefer – is building an altar. This is simply a display of objects of your choosing on a surface like a shelf, desk, or window sill (or even in a box to take along while travelling or to hide under your bed). Those objects can have magickal meanings, refer to the seasons (which I enjoy incorporating in mine) and/or be associated with the elements – earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. Altars can include objects that are dedicated to a specific purpose like self-love or prosperity or to ancestors/deities/spirits/popculture role models, or include objects that are created by loved ones (this is especially the case on my altar). You may already have a display of photos, artwork, figurines, precious gifts, or items connected to dear memories that you didn’t consider to be an altar but it can be if you decide it is!


Using herbs is one of the most accessible witchy practices I think because you can simply use them in your cooking or by drinking herbal tea. They don’t need to be self-grown or foraged, they can also be store-bought inside tea bags or spice boxes. Even though I don’t have a green thumb I’d like to give growing herbs another try but so far I’ve enjoyed guerrilla gardening / foraging them in local parks. Herbs can have medicinal properties that help treat colds or other ailments but make sure to look up good information or consult a herbalist because some herbs can be toxic or have bad side effects when ingesting them! Herbs can also be symbols for magickal meanings and therefore suitable for spells. You can find their magickal associations with a simple duckduckgo search.


Journaling is almost the same as making zines, isn’t it? But with an audience of just yourself. I like beautiful paper journals, sketchbooks, or planners to write and draw in by hand but keeping a digital journal, typing your words, or recording your voice in audio files is also an option. You could for example record your daily nature observations or reflect on your life and the world to process things you’re going through. Closely connected to this is creating a grimoire or book of shadows in which you write down all your witchcraft stuff. I keep a tiny notebook for sigil designs as well (see further). You can never have to many journals/sketchbooks… šŸ™‚


One of my favourite magickal practices is designing and using sigils. It’s like a mini-drawing or logo, a self-made symbol to which you can give your own powerful meaning. I like that they can be used to inspire and encourage for example self-care and self-empowerment. You can draw them, embroider them, carve them, stir the sigil into your tea or pasta sauce, tattoo them, keep the image as your desktop background or on your phone, and so on. The sigils can be designed in numerous ways – I advice you to look up some YouTube videos for examples of instructions (for example by The Witches’ Cookery and Do the Magical Thing). Of course you can invent your own method as well. I’ll probably write more about sigils in a zine or another blogpost some time soon because there’s so much to say about them. ā¤

Spell bags and charms:

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I’ve made a few spell bags or charm bags in the past months. I enjoy stitching the bags myself (by hand or with my trusty sewing machine) and carefully choosing their ingredients: from herbs to beads and buttons. I like to include sigils too as well as dried orange peels cut into star shapes. You could also add stones, sea shells, charms, dried flowers – whatever speaks to you! For me, the idea behind the spell bag is to bring something positive to myself and/or to others: for example a feeling of comfort and cosiness, more self-confidence and courage, or a sense of calm. Using and smelling the herbs inside serves as a reminder of this purpose for me. You may also choose to use them to wish for specific things for yourself, your friends, or your community. Find out here how to make your own.

Wearing amulets:

I love amulets and pendants a lot, so much that I even made a mini-zine about my favourites. I find joy in their beauty and the memories attached to them but also in the meanings that I associate with them. For example a pentagram can be a symbol of protection and power and a stone with the berkana rune can stand for growth and rebirth. You could do the same with other types of jewelry as well or even make your own.

Visionboards or dreamboards:

An example of a visionboard is the image below, which I made last month and I’d like to share it again for maximum exposure – just with different, more April-specific colours – thanks to free open source software Gimp. šŸ™‚ Visionboards or dream collages are used to contemplate on your own dreams or wishes and help you to focus on how to make them a reality (or let the cosmos help you if you believe in that). By displaying your visionboard in your home (or online) you will be reminded to work on your dreams every time you see it. If you share it publicly, as I did, others may pick up on it as well.

Almost anything you do or make can be interpreted as magickal. The act of creation itself is a form of magick to me (it doesn’t need to be supernatural, I like mundane witchcraft). You can turn your baking efforts into rituals or your face masks into protective shields. The music you play can invoke mysterious deep feelings in others and the words you write in zines can transmit magickal messages across borders. The possibilities are endless… So I will definitely post more ideas like this soon (and write a zine about).

So, what are some spells, rituals, and creative practices that you engage in that are magickal or witchy in one way or another?

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