Happy Bunny Day!

Happy Bunny Day!

For this special day, I’ve gathered all my zines in which Chainsaw Bunny is the cover star! You can see some on the image above and even more below…

Chainsaw Bunny is my self-made stuffed bunny aka room mate and she soon decided she wanted to be part of my artwork and zine world. The first time she made an appearance in any of my zines was in 2013 in Scissors & Chainsaws #1. I’ve also drawn her on several postcards:

Perhaps for Chainsaw Bunny’s birthday in August I should assemble a “bunny bundle” with zines, buttons, and postcards? I already made the perfect lino stamp for the envelopes – see image below left in the upper right corner… (By the way, in a few days it’s also my birthday, right in the middle of bunny season, yay! 🙂 )

As you may know it’s VERY important to feature bunnies in your zines, if only to avoid this:

Of course, every day is bunny day but right now it’s even more important to celebrate those fluffy creatures in our lives. ❤

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