Finding magickal moments while travelling

I’m just back from a holiday at the sea, a place that feels magical to me. The seemingly endless horizon, the crashing waves influenced by the gravity of the moon, the lighthouses and ships at night, the nearly empty beach and dunes (because it was not holiday season), the sound of seagulls, kites in the sky, sea shells on the beach, local herbs and flowers… ❤

For me magick equal self-care, joy, wonder, creativity, and connecting to nature. It can and does of course mean other things to other people. I’m personally into mundane witchcraft but I’m also very curious about other practices and beliefs (and continiously learning and evolving). While travelling I experience and cherish those same feelings of creative inspiration and wonder. I use the time I’m away for nourishing my mental health and an enthusiastic feeling of creative energy that I try to hold on to when I’m back home again.

Some things I did while on holiday:

  • I spent time with two amazing friends and my mom paid a visit too.
  • I brought the New World Tarot by Cristy Road with me which was generously sent to me by Twenty Two Zines in exchange for a donation to Nihi K’é Baa’ (For Our Relatives) Mutual Aid. My friends and I regularly pulled a daily card from this beautiful politically-inspired deck.
  • I read the Water issue of Manifest Zine by Jen Payne which felt very appropriate (filled with beautiful photography, poetry, and artwork) and the book Waking the Witch by Pam Grossman about feminism, witchcraft, and pop culture (a gift from my bandmate Gudrun).
  • I explored the beach as well as the dunes and other green areas, taking notice of the trees, flowers, blossoms, and herbs. For example I spotted the herb “purple dead nettle” which for me will always sound like “purple death metal”. 🙂
  • I met a local cat on the street, saw a fluffy cat behind a window, spotted two bunnies running around a nature reserve by the beach, and saw another bunny washing itself in another field nearby a few horses.
  • I collected three oyster shells from the beach in the beginning of my stay here, took one of them home with me, and returned the other two to nature.
  • I watched a lot of witchy YouTube videos.
  • At night I gazed at the stars and at the lights from the harbor, wind energy turbines, lighthouses, beacons, and ships at sea. There was so much to see at night for such a quiet seaside town!
  • Before I left home to go on holiday, I started sewing a travel protection charm and a metal charm (metal as in loud music 🙂 ) and gathering herbs to fill them. Even though I used to love travelling by train, since covid, careless maskless passengers and crowds can stress me out so the charms are intended to help me cope with that. Sewing them gave me joy and also infused me with a sense of much-needed self-empowerment in these desperate times. I hope to finish them soon.

I hope you’re having a joyful Springtime or Autumn, depending on where you are in the world!

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2 Responses to Finding magickal moments while travelling

  1. Jen Payne says:

    I suspect we may be kindred spirits, my friend. My week – last week – by the sea was similar in so many ways! How blessed are we to have the gifts magickal moments and places?!? (So glad you enjoyed the WATER zine on your trip!)

    • rebelsister says:

      Ooh that’s so nice to hear you also spend time by the sea and in a similar way! I agree, I’m so grateful to have access to these spaces and moments. And your zine made it extra magickal!

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