What am I working on this month?

I enjoy working on several creative projects all at once (can you tell?). There’s so much I want to do and make and I enjoy alternating between different artistic disciplines: a bit of writing, a bit of sewing, a bit of drawing, a bit of music… the more the merrier. Because I rarely set strict deadlines and I do them mainly for fun, these creative projects rarely overwhelm me – instead, it’s what keeps me going.

Here are the creative projects that I’m currently working on:

Echo zines, Lost Luna music, and more:

I’m currently drawing the 5th issue of Confined, my pandemic diary comic. It will most likely be the final issue because I’ve noticed I can’t keep up with documenting everything in my comic-style and even though I don’t think the pandemic is over yet, it could just as well last many more years and I won’t manage to keep producing this comic zine for that long. I’ve enjoyed drawing it and it’s been very important for me to document my journey throughout these past two years but it’s time to focus on other zine projects. I hope to finish and publish this issue in a few months.

One of the other zine series I’m working on is Witches’ Brew, actually even several issues at once. This might give the impression I’m “zineing” 24/7 but the progress I make goes slowly and that’s fine. I’m taking my time to write, edit, illustrate, and lay-out them exactly how I like (and do other stuff in between). The new issues will be about mundane magick and self-love potions. Because it was Mini Zine March when I started making one of them that one will be a new mini-zine and the other one will be a bigger A6 size zine in which I’ll have more space to write a lot.

On March 8th I released “Wish upon a star“, the second album of my solo music project Lost Luna. “Bitch Monster“, the last song on that album, was played using a guitarlele. I’d like to record more songs with that mini guitar because I like its sound and it has the potential of being recorded “live” without any mixing or layers or effects necessary. So my plan is to make an EP of a few guitarlele demo songs. I’ve started writing and composing them and hopefully I’ll find the time to record them soon too.

Also in March I participated in an exhibition that accompanied the release party of Baby Fire’s new album “Grace”. I made two new drawings to exhibit there and I’m turning them into postcards now. I’ve also been designing some stickers and buttons, which will be revealed soon.

To be continued…

Creating stuff for myself:

Although I do the above-mentioned projects not only for other people but also (or mainly?) for myself, it can be fun to do something without readers or listeners in mind at all. One personal project I enjoy is writing and drawing in notebooks/sketchbooks. In the past few months I’ve dedicated a few of them to witchery: one for finished sigil designs, one for oracle card ideas, one witchy journal, and of course a “book of shadows” or grimoire. I’m currently decorating a spell recipe book as well!

As I’m learning more about witchery and herbal magick, I’m sewing new charm bags for myself and I’ve assembled a shaker spell jar. I love these little witchy crafty spell projects. They are so easy and accessible to make and even as a skeptic/agnost, they fill me with joy, self-empowerment, and a sense of adventure. And that surely is magickal!

Sounds of resistance

Tomorrow, on May 6th there’s another Bandcamp Friday! Check my Bandcamp page if you are curious to see my webshop with zines and (witchy) merch or hear/download my Lost Luna music. In the spirit of May Day, you can listen to songs about being fed up with work and other activist subjects. By the way I also play in the feminist rock band Lavender Witch which you can discover on Bandcamp too. There are of course plenty of other politically-inspired musicians, bands, zinesters, and artists on this online music platform. Discover some of my favourites and recommendations in this blogpost as well as on my Lost Luna website.

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing face masks! 🙂

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