Herbal walks – collecting Springtime herbs and flowers

Springtime is my favourite season, not only because of the weather – sunny but no heatwaves yet – but also because I love to see all the blossoms and flowers appearing everywhere… It feels like a fresh start and all that colour inspires my creativity and curiosity too. In this season I love walking around, looking around, and taking some plant samples home…

First, a little song related to collecting to accompany you while reading this blogpost. 🙂


Here are some photos taken during walks:

Since the lockdown started, going on walks, sitting in local parks, and exploring my  neighbourhood became a regular activity, something I rarely had (or made) time for before 2020. But now I’ve come to love and appreciate it and I want to keep it as a part of my life. I’m the kind of person who pays attention to everything so I’m always spotting street-art, strange houses, cats, plants, or lost objects on the pavement as if I’m on a treasure hunt. This Spring especially, I’m noticing all the flowers and herbs by the road and in parks and gardens. I’m curious about their names but can’t always identify them. I’d love to learn more though. (Any book recommendations are welcome!). Some flowers and herbs that grow in my city that I do recognise include: passion flowers, mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, purple dead nettle (which I like to call “purple death metal”), dandelion, daffodils, tulips, thyme, daisies, and so on.

Even before the pandemic, I couldn’t resist gathering a few samples of flowers and herbs during walks. This year I’ve decided to press and stick them into a notebook/sketchbook and write down where and when I foraged them. I’ve also been photographing trees, flowers, and herb patches. I think it will be nice to look back and see what was growing when in my area. I’ve also used some of the herbs to fill charm bags as you can see here:

Because I wanted to give something back to nature as well, I’m planting the seed bombs that were made during a workshop by Girls Go BOOM last year. We made so many that I could take a giant egg box filled with seed bombs home. 🙂 They contain seeds for flowers that will attract bees and butterflies:

If you’re curious about some of my favourite herbs, read my zine Witches’ Brew #1. It contains little drawings, some medicinal benefits, and recipes. Talking about zines… I plan on releasing a witchy zine/postcard/sticker bundle on Bandcamp soon with new creations including a garden-themed postcard. Keep an eye on this blog for news!

If you feel like going for a walk and collecting plant samples too now, this video by Chloe Henderson has some great creative ideas about what to do with foraged flowers and how to include them in a zine (!). I definitely want to try this!

PS. One of my bandmates is looking for participants in a study about contemporary witchcraft and intersectional activism! Get in touch if you are interested:

Witches wanted! One of our bandmates will be doing field research during 2022 – 2023 about modern day witchcraft and how it’s linked to issues such as intersectional feminism, decolonizing magical practices, the LGBTQI community,…she’s looking for witches who would be willing to partake in this study (which can take up many forms: interviews, getting together and doing tarot readings or conjuring up spells to hex the patriarchy,…). If you or anyone you know is possibly interested in this project you can contact her here: gudrun.vanheusden@hotmail.be. Feel free to also share this message!

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing face masks, certainly on public transport. ❤

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