Springtime dreams coming true and artwork sneak peeks

As flowers are blooming and plants are sprouting, I feel encouraged to start new creative projects or grow my existing ones. In a previous blogpost I talked about what I am currently working on and now I’d like to show you some sneak peeks of the work in progress and finished items. The new zines, cards, and stickers will all be available soon! I’d also like to share some memories of my first Springtime 2022 wish coming true: taking part in an outdoors craft fair / flee market!

For a few months, I’ve been sending my Springtime/Summer dreams and wishes into the world, see the image below… And one of my wishes came true last weekend: I tabled at an outdoors craft fair / flee market! It was organised by the queer bar Blond and it was so much fun! Thanks to my friend Flien for sharing a table… uhm, I mean swimming pool… and for being excellent company as always! đŸ™‚

This Saturday it’s the Alternative (or Anarchist) Bookfair in Ghent and even though I’m not tableing this year, I’m going as a visitor and I might bring some zines to trade or sell to distros. I also went as a visitor to Zine Happening on May 1st. It felt good to see some friends again and get some new reading materials.


Another Springtime wish that came true DIY-style was doing my own herbal walks. I’d also like to participate in some that are organised by actual herbalists or people with more knowledge of plants than me though. đŸ™‚ And I hope for outdoors concerts with my band Lavender Witch, outdoors zine workshops, spending time in parks having picnics, drawing, and reading comics, and more!

On to my new creative projects that have been blooming…

Witches’ Brew #3 and #4: these two zines aren’t finished yet but I intend to make some progress this weekend. They’ll focus on mundane magick and self-love potions.

Two new postcards: one set in a garden and one featuring a coven during spells. The images were first printed as posters for an exhibition that was part of Baby Fire’s Grace album release party weekend.

Stickersssss: I’ve designed two stickers with sigils to reclaim space for queers. I also worked together with two friends to design new stickers for FEL to support trans and disability struggles. No doubt, more will follow!

(see photo on top of this blogpost)

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing masks if you think accessibility of indoors spaces and public transport is important.

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