Zines I’ve read in 2022 (April)

Hi there! Let’s delve into my zine treasure chest and explore what I read in April:

The majority of zines I read in April were music-centred, witch-themed, and/or featured cats – all very interesting subjects if you ask me. 🙂 Let’s start with the witch zines: I’m currently hooked on Molly Roberts’ YouTube channel (see my blogpost of favourite witchy videos) and from her website I printed the Pleasure Rituals pdf zine, which is filled with creative inspiration for spells, art, and crafts around pleasure and fun. There are lots of ideas and I adore her colourful witchy layout as well. Twenty Two Zines sent me a bunch a zines recently. He included the Tarot of Famous Witches zine by R Ford which accompanies the major arcana tarot deck of the same name and is focused on historical and pop culture icons such as Willow & Tara as “The Lovers” 🙂 . It’s a super fun way to explore tarot if you’re a newbie like me and has cool artwork in a style that really appeals to me. Twenty Two Zines also added the mini-zine Fortunes Told (a spooky little gem) and YOU (see further) as well as his own zines Cat Magic (a cute mini-zine about cats doing witchy stuff) and Why your voice will always matter (which delves into an alternative explantion for the occurence of the Salem Witch Trials, how the college student behind this theory came up with it, and why it’s important for all voices to be heard within scholarschip – so interesting!). Finally, I read Trellis and the zine which reflects upon passion, astrology, and dream life, with an attractive hot pink cover and an extra dose of spirituality inside.

One of the music zines I read is The Screever which includes interviews with my own band Lavender Witch, my friend and riot grrrl zinester/podcaster Larissa, and many other artists as well as very enthusiastic music reviews which made me curious about all the albums. Definitely check it out if you’re a music fan  or curious to discover new bands. Music to our Eyes, subtitled “celebrating iconic music videos from the 1980s” features bright illustrations that encouraged me look up some of those videos to see with my own eyes how strange and iconic they are, haha. Oh, the 80s! Band Basics is a great informative zine which explains everything you need to know as a musician: info on gear, how to get gigs, publicity, recording, and more. The authors clearly care about sharing what they learned in the hopes of creating a more inclusive and accessible DIY music scene which I can only applaud. Mäd Mäm is a bilingual (German-English) feminist musiczine on glossy paper which includes interviews with a few bands and with the director of the documentary “So, which band is your boyfriend in?”. Sad how sexist tendencies still dominate alternative music scenes after so many decades. That means zines like this are still needed. Also cool is that part of the sales are donated to Abortion without Borders. By the way, I love the snake artwork on page 19.

I also had the pleasure to read a few mini-zines about cats! I already mentioned Cat Magic above but there’s more… JLJ Designs made two awesome mini-zines with cat drawings: CATS includes all sorts of cat knowledge that shows the love of cats of the creator and There are no cats in America references the film “An American Tail” to talk about settler colonialism, white supremacy, and immigration laws. A must-read!

Zines that don’t fit in the previously mentioned cat/witch/music categories include Snippits of Life #1 another beautiful mini-zine by JLJ Designs about all the places they have lived and travelled. I love travel zines (send them all to me! 😀 ) and this one is a particilarly fun one with maps, photos, reflections, and artwork. There’s also Antek’s Fritkot. In his prolific zines series he assembles retro-style digital collages. Sometimes they’re very dystopian, sometimes somewhat nostalgic, but always intriguing. There’s also YOU, a zine from Australia I’d heard a lot about and have been wanting to get a copy of for a long time. Each issue is different and often wrapped. I felt bad opening the packaging of this one but I was also curious to see what is inside. (You’ll have to check that out yourself :-p ). And last but not least, the water issue of Manifest (Zine) may feel a bit witchy but is also very poetic with amazing artwork and photography all related to water. It was the perfect zine to take with me on my recent trip to the sea.

Thank you to everyone who created these wonderful zines! Especially big thanks for the trades and gifts! ❤

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing your face mask indoors for example in public transport to make it accessible for people who are at risk!

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