Queer witchery for IDAHOT

Wow, I almost forgot, but it’s IDAHOT today: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. For this occasion I gathered a few resources and ideas to queerify your witchy crafts and witchify your queer activism. Not only to use today but any day of the year that you feel like.


Magickal music:

Let’s start with a few tunes by my band Lavender Witch and my solo project Lost Luna to accompany you while reading this blogpost 🙂



Easy spell, craft, activist, and celebration ideas:

  • Listen to queer music, like the songs above, and dance or shout along.
  • Watch some queer-positive films or tv series – I’m watching Star Trek Discovery tonight because it has some adorable and super cool queer and trans characters.
  • Read books, comics, or zines by queer authors, with queer characters, or about queer themes.
  • Wear a Pride themed T-shirt / bracelet (for example from God Save the Queer) / amulet / badge…
  • Or create your own bracelet, embroider on your bag or wallet, paint a T-shirt (f.e. in rainbow colours, pink, lavender, or colours matching the queer flag that fits you most).
  • Put rainbow flags in your room/home or draw rainbows with chalk on the street.
  • Cover your town – uhm… notebook – in queer stickers.
  • Bake a rainbow cake.
  • Journal about the link between queerness and witchcraft.
  • Make a zine about queer witchery (and please send me a copy!).
  • Make a spell bag to aid in your queer activism or for your queer siblings who are struggling – I transformed a lavender bag with some beads and charms and a sigil that I designed today. It symbolises protection for queer communities. (see photo above)
  • Spend time with your queer friends or write postcards or long letters to them.
  • Treat yourself in whichever way you want or need right now. You’re queer and you rock!
  • Create a visionboard for queer world domination!

More witchy activist ideas

More DIY magick ideas

[Photo above: flower sticker by True Zine Marin, Queer Zest Zine Fest pouch, pendant by Sister Ray Zines, CD and zine by Lavender Witch, patch by Yori Gagarim, lavender bag from a market, zines and sticker by me. A friend and I are also selling that Crystal Queer patch but I think we have only 1 or 2 left.]


Video tips:

Do the Magical Thing talks about queer witchcraft and the pride flag as colour magic:


YouTube witch Kelly-Ann Maddox talks about her bisexuality and self-love:


Epically Curious talks about being a trans pagan – I haven’t watched this one yet but was just looking for more videos and this sounds awesome!:


Book tips:

  • Queering the Tarot
    by Cassandra Snow
  • Queering your Craft: Witchcraft from the Margins
    by Cassandra Snow

Any recommendations welcome!

Please don’t buy any books or anything else from Amazon! Buy from your (local) independent (queer) bookshops like Kartonnen Dozen (Belgium), Portland Button Works / Spiral House Shop (US), Blue Stockings (US), Savannah Bay (NL), and Gay’s The Word (UK) – some of them have the option to order online too.


Zine tips:

Take care of yourself and each other! ❤

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