Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part II

Bored? Tired? Try some witchery! Here are 6 YouTube videos about witchy stuff that I think are interesting to check out. The videos delve into the anti-capitalist ideas behind May Day, tarot card decks that fit for each star sign, names for the full moons, music as a form of magic, where to find witchy vintage images online, and pop culture pantheons. Enjoy!

Angie Speaks explains the history and the relation between May Day, paganism, and anti-capitalism. (Thanks to Cathou Tarot for the recommendation):
(Btw I wrote a bit about linking Beltane or May Day to syndicalist struggles here too)


And here is one of Cathou Tarot’s own videos in which she shows tarot decks that fit with each star sign, which is also interesting to watch just to discover some beautiful tarot decks, whether you prefer the ones for your sign or not:


My friend Laura-Marie who’s also a zinester, blogger, singer, and activist talks about the link between music and magic with lots of brilliant ideas and reflections, in her usual clear and honest voice:


Another friend, Wesley of Twenty Two Zines, talks about naming the full moons, something I’d like to learn more about and try myself. And who doesn’t love the full moon?


Over the Moon Academy reveals where to find vintage images online that can be used for f.e. zines, oracle cards, scrapbooks, and witchy journals… I’ve already followed her example and found some true treasures!


Molly Roberts shares some fun and original ideas about inventing pop culture pantheons aka your own divine idols. How about for example Tank Girl, Xena, Frida Kahlo, and the Addams Family?


More videos:

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing a face mask indoors (especially on public transport) to protect and show solidarity with people who are at risk. It also makes you look super rebellious and witchy! Thank you, rockstar!

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