Zine bundle upgrade + Lost Luna news

Hi there, how are you?

I have some Lost Luna news to share with you: I’ve upgraded a zine bundle on Bandcamp with a digital download of my latest Lost Luna album “Wish upon a star”, the amazing I Wannabe Yr Grrrl Zine wrote a lovely review of that same album on Instagram, some of its songs have been played on a bunch of podcasts and radioshows, and I’m currently composing new songs on my guitarlele! Read on to find out more…

Expanded Dark Days bundle

Even though the days are getting brighter and sunnier where I live on this planet, reading zines with dark and chilling themes can fit any season. That’s why I’ve decided to add a digital download of Lost Luna’s second album “Wish upon a star” to the Dark Days zine bundle today. This bundle contains 6 full-colour mini-zines about witchiness, queer adventures, and self-care, as well as a mysterious moon-lit postcard, while the music deals with queer-feminist and anti-racist issues, mental health, and revenge by mythological and imaginary creatures. So I think these songs fit perfectly with the vibe of the zines and postcard. 🙂 Find everything in my Bandcamp webshop.

Individual items can of course be ordered or traded by emailing me.

If you’re curious about the songs, you can listen to my home-recorded doomy riot grrrl lo-fi rock album  “Wish upon a star” here, or find all my music in the discography on Bandcamp.

By the way, I’ve got other zine + music bundles available in my shop too! Take a look! And a new witchy zine + sticker + postcard bundle is almost finished and will be added soon!

Where to stamp?

Remember those lino stamps I made for Februwitchery? I’ve started using them to decorate envelopes as you can see below on the left. What do you think? On the photo below right you can spot a Lost Luna stamp logo I created among other designs. I still have to find some use for that one…


I Wanna Be Yr Grrrl Zine posted a review of “Wish Upon a Star” on their Instagram! I feel so honoured! Larissa, the riot grrrl behind this project, has excellend musical taste so it’s amazing that she mentioned my little lo-fi project. Be sure to check out her zine (and her podcast Cidade das Mulheres if you speak Portugese).


I’m currently writing some songs on my guitarlele to be home-recorded soon… I’m thinking of calling this upcoming EP “Analog sparks”. What do you think?

The last song on my “Wish upon a star” album was also played on this guitarlele! (And the rest on my BC Rich Warlock guitar)

Lost Luna surfing the radio waves

Lost Luna songs from my second album were played on a few radioshows and podcasts lately: ❤




+ on several episodes at WFMU: listen here and here and here.

Have a nice day!

By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing face masks indoors especially on public transport. Remember that you mainly wear them to protect others. The burden of protection should not fall on those who are at risk! That’s what solidarity is all about.

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