Easy DIY idea for displaying mini-zines

I’ve been breaking my head for years about cheap or easy-to-make-myself and light-weight constructions to display zines and postcards on my table at zine fests and craft fairs. Laying them all flat is fine but takes a lot of space and building a more 3D table looks quite appealing too I think.

So then a few days ago I came up with this…

[If you’re curious about the zines pictured in the image above, there’s more info about them on my blog or you can find them in my webshop.]

This mini-zine holder is small, very light-weight, and very easy and cheap to make yourself. All you need is 1 sheet of thick paper or cardstock that’s a bit bigger than A4 or at least longer on the long side of the paper. Ideal to take with you to your next zine fair!

How to fold:

Fold the sheet halfway on the long side. Then fold the bottom edge in the opposite direction and do another fold just above the first fold, also in the opposite direction, each +/- 2 cm. Finally make 3 equal folds in the short side of the paper, starting with folding the sheet halfway, making it look like a harmonica. You may want to experiment with not folding the outer folds exactly parallel to each other to make the stand more stable when it’s filled with mini-zines. Oh, it’s hard to explain all of this but I hope it’s clear!

Can’t wait to add this mini-zine holder to my table at a zine fest! It can hold 8 mini-zines so I might take two or more.

(PS. I really wanna do outdoors zine fests and craft fairs this Spring and Summer – let me know if you hear of any!)

Other ideas:

Spending time with my friend Flien and tableing together at a local craft fair / flee market recently has certainly inspired me to look for new ways to set up our merch. Flien had some brilliant ideas like placing stickers in a swimming pool (without water!) and pins on a bulletin board. Another example of Flien’s creativity are her lego constructions. And making a lego stand for zines would definitely work too!

Something I already did while tableing pre-covid is showing my postcards in frames like on the photo above. This “wall of frames” that arises when they are put next to each other on the table also makes it easy to “hide” things behind it like drinks or a box of change.

Another idea I had is using a (small) dish drying rack for inserting A5-size zines (and maybe A6?) where the dishes would go. Don’t fill all the spaces so the zine covers will remain visible. Maybe I’ll try that some time.

Do you have more ideas? Please share them, because I love looking at other people’s zine displays. I’m such a zine geek. 🙂 You can find some inspiration here as well.

Oh, and here’s a pro-tip for zinesters and craftsters who are tableing at an event: add price tags to everything! Nobody likes to ask what something costs. If you can it’s also always cool to be open to trades/swaps and you might even want to put up an “up for trades” sign on your table. (Either way please keep your zine prices affordable – zine culture is all about accessiblity).

By the way, I think wearing face masks on public transport is a nice and easy thing you can do for other passengers, especially for those who are at risk. Thank you! ❤ Also, if bands ask you to wear a mask at their shows, please do.

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