Second-hand feminist books – crowdfunder for upcoming Echo projects

UPDATE 28 Nov 2022: almost all the books have become available again – contact me if you’re interested! 

Hi there, I’m selling a bunch of second-hand feminist books to help fund the printing costs of my witchy zines, stickers, and postcards that will be released in July. Read on to find out more about the books and how to get ahold of them and support my upcoming projects:

I’ve selected 13 different second-hand feminist books. There are classics among them as well as obscure hard-to-find titles. There’s academic research, personal stories, poetry and fiction, history, literary criticism, and more. Most were written in Dutch and some in English. A few of them were published by feminist publishers (Bonte Was, Sara, and The Women’s Press).  The selection includes books by famous authors such as Ursula Le Guin, Kate Millet, Ann Oackly, Anja Meulenbelt, and Marilyn French and also lesser-known writers.

Are you interested in any of the books?

The first person to make an offer will get the book. They are all pay what you want/can + postage. Any small donation is welcome. You can email me or contact me through social media. Let me know if you have any questions for example about specific books or about the postage cost.

There are two pick-up points if you live nearby and want to avoid the shipping cost: Brussels (Mont des Arts/Kunstberg) or Ghent (Bijloke).

Book titles:

  • Seksistische Reclame – Corine Van Hellemont [I have 2 copies of this one]
  • Vrouwen over hulp bij ziekte en problemen (Feministische uitgeverij Bonte Was)
  • Hard Feelings: fiction and poetry from Spare Rib (The Women’s Press)
  • De Ontheemde – Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Sekse en Macht – Kate Millet
  • Op gelijke voet – Ann Oackly
  • Signs: journal of women in society and culture vol 13 issue 4
  • Fatsoenlijk en goedkoop – Knup Fuhri Snetlage (Feministische uitgeverij Sara)
  • Alleen staan – Lize Alink & Joke Broekhuis (Feministische uitgeverij Sara)
  • De oorlog tegen vrouwen – Marilyn French
  • Onder dames – Aimée Duc (Feministische uitgeverij Sara)
  • Casablanca – Anja Meulenbelt (Feministische uitgeverij Sara)
  • Vrouwen vooruit: de weg naar gelijke rechten

Coming soon…

I’m selling these books to help fund printing my upcoming witchy zines, stickers, and postcards. The printing cost is a lot to gather upfront, that’s why I’m doing this little crowdfunder. I plan on releasing my new creations separately and as bundles on July 13th!

Sneak peeks of some of the zines/stickers/cards ahead (there will be more than what is shown on this photo!):

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