IZM 2022 – July is International Zine Month starts today!

Hello and welcome to International Zine Month (IZM) 2022! Are you just as happy and excited as me that July has finally arrived to give us an excuse to do even more zine stuff? šŸ˜€

In today’s blogpost I want to set out my plans for this month. Not only do I want to participate as much as possible in IZM but I’m also taking part in the #witchyjournalchallenge. I think those two go together quite nicely. šŸ™‚

Alex Wrekk of Portland Button Works who invented International Zine Month makes a poster with daily prompts each year. You can download the poster here. I’m going to take some ideas from that poster and add some of my own.

The #witchyjournalchallenge was started by La Greenwitch and looks very exciting too. I’ve already chosen a journal and created the title page and table of contents. Scroll down to see it.

What I want to do and focus on this month:

  • post an introduction blogpost about my IZM plans (you’re reading it now!)
  • go to the copyshop to print zines (I just did that today)
  • write/collage/draw pages for #witchyjournalchallenge
  • finish photoshopping a new postcard and stickers and send it off to the printers (hopefully this weekend)
  • visit (a) witchy market(s)
  • attend the virtual Zines & Librarians conference
  • decorate envelopes
  • release and announce my new witchy zines, merch, and bundles
  • (re)arrange my zine collection
  • work on new or unfinished zines and mini-zines
  • write a “zines I’ve read in June” review blogpost
  • blog about my favourite witchy videos
  • organise an outdoors magickal zine-and-journal-making gathering
  • swap, buy, read zines
  • remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us
  • blog weekly about IZM and my progress for the #witchyjournalchallenge

Here you can see some freshly printed zine pages and the beginning of my contribution to the #witchyjournalchallenge:

EXTRA/BONUS (if I have the time/energy)

  • digitise some of my zines and make them available on Ko-fi
  • create a digital colouring book zine
  • record a podcast about zine witchery
  • make zine and witch themed embroidery
  • design a new ECHO flyer

Follow this blog to read all about my International Zine Month adventures and #witchyjournalchallenge creations. And to end this first #IZM2022 blogpost, here is one of my neighbour cats who greeted me while walking to the copyshop today and a very appropriate sticker for these times (and always actually):

8 thoughts on “IZM 2022 – July is International Zine Month starts today!

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  1. I’m also joining Ko-Fi! I already finished digitizing all my zines and now have them ready for this month. I’m so done with Etsy! I’ll be closing the shop at the end of this month and be active only on Ko-Fi. I’ll check out your shop later on this month.

    1. Cool you’re joining Ko-fi too! I don’t have much if anything on my Ko-fi page yet. I think I’ll focus on it in August or later. I understand you’re leaving Etsy!

  2. Altar of the Zine, that’s so rad! And omg, how did I not know about the Zines & Librarians conference? I’m totally going to the Issues in Zine Cataloging presentation since that’s exactly what I have to do with my library’s collection right now.

    1. Thanks! And wow, I completely forgot about the conference today even though I wanted to hear several of the talks. How was the cataloguing presentation? I saw that Jenna taught it, she’s amazing! I did follow the “advocating for a zine collection” talk yesterday which was super interesting and helpful.

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