Zines I read in 2022 (June) – IZM zine reviews

Here are all the zines I read last month: zines about plants, woodworking, mental health for activists, sexual abuse, tarot, and more!

Watering the shadow garden must be the most beautiful zine title ever. Not surprising that it is a poetry zine with equally beautiful poems. Rachel, the author, mixes magick and life experiences such as relationships while creating strong images with her words. For each chapter there is an illustration by some of her friends including Mawy Spencer. Nice detail is the hand-sewn binding.

I bought a pdf of the Tarot mini-zine that goes along with the Blind the Sun tarot deck. I don’t have this deck but think that the mini-zine is still useful for me to help understand the structure and meaning of tarot cards.

Somewhat related to witchery is The medicine is in the relationship, which asks ethical questions to consider while wildforaging and suggests building relationships with plant life and the ecosystem around you.

Wildflowers is – unlike the title – not about plants but this issue’s theme is “nostalgia”. It’s a compzine that includes contributions by various people including your truly. This includes much-needed abortion resources, an ode to libraries, personal texts about climate anxiety and children’s books, an interview with another zinester, and more. All very interesing and all in delicious hand-made cut and paste layouts.

In June I’ve read two zines that address violence and abuse: I love the advice and reflections of Laura-Marie’s How not to domestic violence anyone. It’s a mini-zine with a poster on the inside that shares even more knowledge. All decorated by Laura-Marie’s lovely curly artwork. Molested is written and published by New Cult and deals with sexual violence and childhood abuse. It starts with personal experiences (especially about realising what had happened afterwards and dealing with it) and then offers important advice and resources. I highly recommend any organisation, library, or individual who’s dealing with these issues to grab a copy of these zines. Take care while reading though. Trigger warnings apply.

A space for wellness is a much-needed zine that talks about mental health for activists when dealing with activist-related trauma (for example after having suffered police violence).  There’s information about the possible signs and symptoms of trauma, why it’s important to do trauma work as part of activism, resources, and more.

Gutless is a mix of fiction and reviews but the reviews often contain stories or are told in a story-like way. It kinda feels like reading long letters from a friend, it’s hard to describe. I especially loved reading about the Queercore documentary, the film and the musical Heathers, and Supergirl.

Drill here, cut here, smooth here, smash here wants to encourage non-cis men to take up woodwork. The zine includes advice and information for beginners and a strong plea to “stop elevating mediocre straight white man”. 🙂 Certainly pick up this zine if you’re curious about trying out woodwork! Its author, Lindsay Draws, creates amazing furniture (of course), pottery, as well as zines (as shown here).

And finally, Uitverkocht is a self-published graphic novel / comic zine by Marthe Verhoest written in Dutch. In fact it’s an illustrated stand-up comedy performance which I find an original approach. The content is rather cynical and pessimistic at times, so not actually comedy maybe but still an honest personal view on life and nicely put together. Also, isn’t that a stunning cover?

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