IZM 2022 week 1 – witchy journal, witchy markets, zine conference, and zine folding

[Isn’t that the cutest Chainsaw Bunny drawing ever? ❤ ]

Are you participating in and enjoying Zine Month and/or #witchyjournalchallenge too? Chainsaw Bunny and I definitely are! 🙂 We love creative challenges!

Here is an overview of all things ziney and witchy I did in the first week of July…

On Sunday I visited a witchy market with one of my band mates of Lavender Witch. It was kind of like an “open door day” for an online shop plus someone doing tarot readings outside, all happening in the organiser’s living room and garden. The atmosphere was cosy, friendly, and welcoming (biscuits!), and we left with some nice witchy goods. ❤

Today I went to another witchy market in the same region in Belgium. There were some awesome creative stall holders including La Greenwitch and Spooky Creations and it was organised by Witch and Candles. Again, a very friendly atmosphere that was very inspiring creatively and magickal as well.

Talking about witchiness, I’ve started working on the first pages for the #witchyjournalchallenge that was invented by La Greenwitch who I met today at the market mentioned above. The challenge so much fun and also quite challenging for me (which I enjoy)! Creative journaling is a bit different from zine-making so it’s like I’m exploring a new world while learning new skills and trying out new styles. No doubt it will influence my zine-making though.

I’ve also been busy cutting, folding, and binding the new issues of Witches’ Brew for their release date on July 13th. For the bundles I’m compiling I sent out a brand-new postcard featuring Chainsaw Bunny and two extra witchy activist stickers to an eco-friendly printing company and collected them a few days ago. Maybe I’ll keep the postcard a secret until the end of the year because it fits well as a Christmas card. We’ll see. Let me know if you’re too curious to wait that long. 🙂

Apart from making zines and journals, it’s my dream to do outdoors concerts with my band Lavender Witch this summer. Please contact us if you know of any opportunities! I’d really like to make the most of this season so I’m also up for outdoors zine-making and participating in craft fairs/markets anywhere in Belgium! Send any opportunities or ideas my way. 🙂

Apart from creating zines, I’m trying to read a lot of zines this month as well (though there are also some books which are drawing my attention). I feel blessed having received some awesome zine mail lately so I can’t wait to explore those DIY publications. In June I read several cool zines which I reviewed here.

Finally, I’m happy that virtual zine events are still a thing, because that way I get to attend events organised in other parts of the world and I don’t even have to think about viruses or travel costs. The Zines & Librarians conference took place this week and I very much enjoyed the talk about “advocating for a zine collection”. So many good ideas that might come in handy some day…

PS. Here’s a little overview of the things I did and want to do this month:


  • post an introduction blogpost about my IZM plans
  • go to the copyshop to print zines
  • finish photoshopping a new postcard and stickers and send it off to the printers
  • write a “zines I’ve read in June” review blogpost
  • attend the virtual Zines & Librarians conference
  • decorate envelopes
  • release and announce my new witchy zines: merch, and bundles
  • (re)arrange my zine collection and take a “shelfie”
  • work on new or unfinished zines and mini-zines
  • blog about my favourite witchy videos
  • organise an outdoors magickal zine-and-journal-making gathering
  • remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us
  • MAYBE: digitise some of my zines and make them available on Ko-fi
  • MAYBE: create a digital colouring book zine
  • MAYBE: record a podcast about zine witchery
  • MAYBE: make zine and witch themed embroidery
  • MAYBE: design a new ECHO flyer


  • blog weekly about IZM and my progress for the #witchyjournalchallenge
  • write/collage/draw weekly pages for #witchyjournalchallenge
  • visit (a) witchy market(s)
  • swap, buy, sell, read zines

PS 2. By the way, I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing masks in indoors public places as much as you can. Long covid is no joke. Thank you! ❤

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