IZM 2022 week 2 – new zine bundles, new journal pages, and more

We’re already in the second half of International Zine Month (IZM)! 😮

Time to look back as well as forward, show you what I did in the past 7 days, and make plans for the next weeks…

This week, on the night of the Full Moon, I released my new witchy zines and other goods into the world! It seemed like the perfect moment. 🙂 I’ve got two new issues of Witches’ Brew, four new stickers, 4 new buttons, 2 new postcards, and a limited edition bookmark featuring Chainsaw Bunny. Everything is available separately or in bundles. Contact me for more info. I’m also always super interested in witchy trades!

I had a lot fun with this week’s prompts for the #witchyjournalchallenge (see La Greenwitch’s Instagram). My ideas and experiments seem to come a bit more fluently now that I’m slowly getting used to creative journaling and its possibilities. I put together the following pages in my art grimoire:

To send out the zines and witchy bundles mentioned above, I’ve been decorating envelopes with some of the lino stamps that I made in February. Snail mail rules! 🙂 I’m also very grateful for the lovely post I’ve received recently. Thank you, pen pals and zine friends! ❤

And apart from all of this creating, I spent some much-needed quiet time reading zines and witchcraft books. ❤


TO DO in the second half of the month:

  • edit my zinewiki.com page
  • put some zines and/or books in nearby little free libraries (they are called “ruilbibs” here)
  • work on new zines (at home and/or outside)
  • continue working on the #witchyjournalchallenge
  • (re)arrange my zine collection and take a “shelfie”
  • blog about my favourite witchy videos

Read more about IZM:

How has July been for you so far?

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