Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 4

Here we are again with a bunch of amazing YouTube videos to inspire some magickal creativity! This “playlist” includes videos about knot magick, art journals and magickal playbooks, sigils, and inclusivity in tarot decks. Check out the videos:


This Witch of Wonderlust’s 101 video is all about knot magick. Because I’m into crafts, it’s something I was very curious about and wanted to try, so it came at the right time.


I was happy to discover a more local witchy YouTube channel recently: La Greenwitch creates stunning journals and planners and she started the #witchyjournalchallenge too. I paused this video a lot just to be able to take in all the pages better, there’s so much to see and by inspired by!


Over the Moon Academy creates amazing magickal playbooks for both play and divination. So many cool and fun ideas! This one is Halloween-themed, which makes it even better:


Molly Roberts offers wildly creative ideas for Grimoires or Books of Shadows. I’m a fan. 🙂 Her enthusiasm is contagious too! Take a look:


Do the Magical Thing made a very informative and inspiring video about sigils, looking at the origins and showing lots of possibilities for creating and using your own sigils. Highly recommended to watch to get you started AND to learn more:


Meghan and the Moon makes awesome junk journals and collages and one of her brilliant ideas is adding spell pockets! Find out what that means and looks like here:


Cathou Tarot questions inclusivity in tarot decks, what to keep in mind and think about. Not only about representation in the images of the cards but also about who gets to create and publish decks. Also useful and interesting for any other illustrative/graphic/visual project:




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