New zines: Witches’ Brew #3 and #4

As you may have seen in a previous blogpost about my Wonderful Witch bundles, I’ve released two new zines! Witches’ Brew #3 is a witchy perzine in classic cut & paste style and #4 offers recipes for self-love potions. I’ve worked on these two new zines for several months while occasionally showing sneak peeks so here they are finally! 😀 Read on to find out more…

Witches’ Brew #3 – magick is everywhere

It’s a witchy perzine which introduces my current thoughts on witchcraft and focuses on mundane magick, my own journey and practices, book reviews, my inspiring witchy friends, and more. Layout by hand in cut & paste or collage style.

This issue is 32 page A6 size bound with hot pink cotton thread. The zine is printed in black and white with a pastel-green paper cover and poster, and interior pages on recycled paper. (A limited edition full-colour version is only available as part of the “WonderFULLEST Witch” bundle in my webshop.)

2 euros + postage or trade

Witches’ Brew #4 – self-love potions

This mini-zine offers recipes to make your own self-love or self-care potions. All vegan, non-caffeinated, sugar-free, and easy to DIY! The magickal correspondences of the ingredients are also included to spice up your potions.

This issue is an 8 page folded A7-size mini-zine with a poster on the inside. It’s printed in full-colour.

1 euro + postage or trade



Email me or order them as part of 3 bundles on Bandcamp

Trades welcome, especially for other witchy zines or items! 🙂


Here are all my witchy zines so far: they are all available in bundles in my webshop.

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