IZM 2022 – week 4 + round-up

Today is the last day of IZM aka International Zine Month. What have you been doing this month? Have you started new creative projects? Finished and printed a zine? Wrote in your journal? Visited a zine library? Read self-published comics? Rested to recharge your battery?

Not only did I do zine-related stuff in July, but I also participated in the #witchyjournalchallenge (you can also do it in August if you like! – more info via La Greenwitch who invented the challenge). For this week, there were 4 prompts: “a timeline”, “my holy grail”, “god-goddess”, and “future portal”. This is what I made:

Yesterday I organised a little zine gathering at a park in Ghent. It was so nice! It felt good to see some friends again as well as meet a new enthusiastic zinester! We worked on zines, chatted, and enjoyed the pleasant weather. Perfect afternoon for me. I’ll definitely organise another edition(s) in August! I’ve organised DIY/zine gatherings and craft afternoons before but never outdoors. This summer I wanted to make the most of the season by getting together in parks with other creatives and friends, and IZM gave me that final push to organise something.

Obviously I’ve been reading lots of zines in July which you will be able to see soon in a “Zines I’ve read last month” post. I’ve also done more folding and binding of my own zines to send out to readers and I just updated my zinewiki page – it’s so weird to write about myself like this!

So, how was IZM for you? Did you participate?

Read more about my IZM experience here:

You’ll be able to read about my plans for August in my next blogpost…

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