New stickers/buttons/postcards/bookmarks + workshop announcements

NEW NEW NEW – I’ve got lots of new stuff! Stickers, postcards, buttons… Read on to find out more about everything. I’m so grateful for all the support and feedback I got so far about my latest creations. It means the world to me! ❤ And more news: I’ll be teaching two zine workshops, in August and in November…


First things first:

I will be closing down my webshop on Bandcamp by mid August but will open a new shop on Ko-Fi soon (with different bundles!). The music by Lost Luna will still remain on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure but won’t be available to buy/download anymore (unless I find another way to do that). If you’d like to buy the music or zine/merch bundles that are currently for sale, do it asap before they disappear! 😉 

On August 20th I’ll be teaching a collage and zine workshop about intimacy together with Sara and Nika for the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. It’s aimed at women and non-binary people who are 50 or older.  And a few months later I’ll guide a feminist zine workshop for Women’s Day/Vrouwendag on November 11th (we have 2 women’s days in Belgium! 🙂 ). Looking forward to both! I’ll share more details about the workshops soon.

And now on to my newest creations (all part of my Wonder Witch bundles):



4 new stickers featuring sigils all about reclaiming space

1,50 euro / sticker + postage


4 new buttons featuring sigils about self-empowerment and self-care

1,50 euro / button + postage


2 new postcards with witches gathering in gardens and living rooms

2 euros / card + postage


Using some of the lino stamps I carved in February I printed a witchy Chainsaw Bunny bookmark. The bookmarks are all hand-made and unique with magenta-coloured ink on light-blue cardstock.

These are limited edition and only available as part of the “Wonderfullest Witch” bundle on Bandcamp:


Check my newest zines here.

How to order?

Witchy merch bundles available on Bandcamp until mid August (!) or get in touch if you’d like to buy separate items or suggest a trade.

If you like Witch Box subscriptions, you may enjoy my Witch Bundles! 😉

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