Autumn equinox – Mabon

In the Northern hemisphere, September 22nd marks the Autumn equinox this year. On that day, daytime is as long as the night. Autumn equinox coincides with the pagan holiday Mabon, the second harvest holiday which indicates feasting, prosperity, and sharing and enjoying food. As the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, I’d personally like to invite reflection, resting, and self-care and community care into my life. September is also the first month of the new school year. Summer holidays are over, so it really feels like saying goodbye in some way. So Mabon / Autumn equinox can mean making space for learning, playing, celebration, abundance, gratitude, and self-love. Read on to find out about my Autumn plans and Mabon altar:


I’ll have some big news that will be revealed on the Autumn equinox: September 22nd. Stay tuned!


As I said, I connect this time of the year with community, self-care, and appreciation for what nature offers. Some natural elements that are associated with this time of the year include apples and other fruits, colourful leafs, mushrooms, and grains. So at my altar I’m displaying objects inspired by nature, self-made creations from friends, and imagery that makes me happy. I focussed on gathering items that symbolise friendship, food, prosperity, warmth, cosiness, and home for me. I chose typical Autumn colours brown, orange, red, yellow… – warm and sunny colours that make my home feel warmer too when outside it’s slowly getting colder and rainier.

So what you can see on the photos includes woven wall-art by Jessica Maybury, artwork and a print of embroidery by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales, a tree of life by Emilie M, a collage postcard by Wesley of Twenty Two Zines, a hand-carved spoon by Hans V, an art postcard by Meghann and the Moon, a hand-printed card by Molly Roberts, a silk-screened patch by Yori Gagarim, tarot pendants by Spooky’s Creations, and zines, a silk-screened patch and lino card by Mawy Spencer. ❤ I also included some things on my altar that I made myself, like spell bags, a lavender painted box, and a CD-r disc painted with moon phases.


Here are some things I’d like to do on Mabon:

  • tea brewing: I recently bought a witchy tea pot in a witchy shop in Lille and some organic herbal tea that seems fitting for this season.
  • self-care kit: I’ve started assembling a self-care bag with self-care mini-zines, a tiny notebook, a small box with trinkets and gems… I’ll probably share some photos on this blog at some point.
  • incorporating nature in creative projects: f.e. leaf printing or making a garland of painted acorns – I’ve already gathered some leafs today…
  • magick: I’d like to create a home charm to make my place feel safe and cosy and perhaps try a tarot/oracle spread for the season or the upcoming new moon.
  • diy studying: I’m currently reading and learning a lot about herbs and tarot.

Other fun ideas:

  • baking: f.e. apple pie
  • gratitude: write in a journal or a zine about simple things to be grateful for
  • crafts: knitting, crochet, and embroidery all seem very fitting on rainy and chilly days as does mending clothes and sewing pillow cases or cherry pit cushions.
  • reading: zines, books, comics, magazines… whatever you like!
  • playing: board/card games, puzzles, lego, sudoku, video games, dressing up, treasure hunts, not-too-competitive sports…

And of course Halloween or Samhain is happening soon but I’d first like to enjoy a bit of those early Autumn vibes. 🙂

Autumn zine:

Last year I made the mini-zine Do it yourself care #5: Autumn blues. I wasn’t so fond on Autumn until I started making this zine. It helped me to discover and appreciate its beauty and joy, despite the colder, cloudier, and darker days. Maybe reading it can help you too if you struggle to let go of Summer? Or maybe you enjoy Autumn but could use some inspiration for what to do this season? Get a copy of the mini-zine by emailing me.

What do you like about this season?





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