New webshop – Echo Zines at Ko-Fi!


I’d like to announce my brand-new webshop on Ko-fi! Take a look around! I thought it would be a nice project to launch on the first day of Autumn. In my shop you can find zines, buttons, stickers, postcards, and spell bags…

Bundles and items that are now available in my Ko-Fi shop:

  • a witchy zines bundle
  • a Same Heartbeats zine bundle (personal political zine series about music, travel, zine culture, activism, etc with writing, comics, and artwork)
  • a thematic postcard set: protest & play
  • a thematic postcard set: mystery & magick
  • a sigil button set for self-empowerment
  • a sigil sticker set for activism and taking space
  • spell bags

And I will add more soon!

Of course you can always email me to buy or trade individual zines or other items as well. 🙂



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