Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 5

In need of some witchspiration? Here is a selection of super inspiring witchcraft videos to help you start or broaden your practice:


Let’s start with Anya Esma’s view on what spellcraft is, linked to psychology:


The Skeptical Witch explains three approaches for doing skeptical witchcraft which opened my eyes as well as opened up so many new possibilities for me:


Do the Magical Thing interviews author Bree Nicgarran about contemporary witchcraft and how things have evolved since they both started practicing:


Have you always wanted to know more about the ins and outs of covens? Watch this video in which the BronxWitch interviews Thorn Mooney about covens from a wicca perspective:


For those who’ve been practicing for a while, Kelly-Ann Maddox shares lots of tips for building and improving your witchy practice or for “levelling up” as she calls it:


And last but not least, a beautiful and powerful spoken word piece by Molly Roberts to boost your witchy self-confidence:




More witchy videos:




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