Zines I’ve read in 2022 (September)

Zine show & tell time! I didn’t have as much time and energy to read zines last month but still came across some awesome ones I’d like to show you:

So in September I read a two zines about herbs by Liminal Spaces. I highly recommend the entire series because they are so well-researched and contain all the information you might need (nutrients, safety, recipes, how to recognise them, things we can learn from these plants, etc) if you’d like to forage and use herbs yourself. The two zines I read this month are about echinacea and stinging nettles and they motivated me to try them out for the medicinal and nutricious value. I bought the zines as pdfs but you can also get the paper versions.

More plant inspiration comes from a tiny illustrated accordion booklet about plants that might grow in your own neighbourhood. It’s written in Dutch and part of a mainstream magazine so it doesn’t count as a zine but I found it cute and useful so I’m gonna keep it in my zine collection.

Next up are two witchy mini-zines and a scroll that comes with them. Each of them are part of a spell kit made by my friend Sister Ray Zines. The mini-zines contain instructions for how to perform the spell. They are hand-coloured, making them even more magickal and personal. If you’re curious about the zines and the spell kits, come visit the Marché des Sorcières (witch market) in Lille (FR) on October 29th where both Sister Ray Zines and I will be tableing alongside other awesome creators.

My friend Laura-Marie sent me one of her newest zines which contains two poems: Floribunda and Song for Danielle. Actually the poems are not only written words but also exist as songs that can be heard on Laura-Marie’s soundcloud. They are both so sweet and real and her voice is as caring as her words. (Find more reviews of Laura-Marie’s zines here).

What are you reading at the moment? Any zines you’d like to recommend?

PS. I would like to read (and review) more witch zines. Do you make a witch zine? Would you like to trade for my Witches’ Brew zines?

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