Moon Magick

This month I’d like to blog even more about witchy stuff than usual because, you know, it’s the Season of the Witch. This post will talk about moon magick because soon (tomorrow night) the full moon is upon us. But other moments in the moon’s cycle can be interesting too, and I’ll show you why…

I personally use “magick” as something symbolic, for psychological or creative use (or both), and as a fluid sceptic, sometimes I’ll carve out some time and space for my imagination to lead the way. So my sceptical brain may not see the moon as a living entity who makes our wishes come true but I do like to say hello to her when I see her. 🙂 I also enjoy learning about the witchy meanings and practices of the different moon phases and what other people do during those times. I’ve always been attracted to the moon, it’s so beautiful, so impressive, so shiny on a dark night. I’m intrigued by the magnetic power of this natural satellite and the sunlight it is able to reflect. It’s mind-blowing that people have travelled so far and walked on its surface. So the moon is definitely worthy of celebrating and honouring and admiring.

Moon phases in October: (Central European Time – source)

  • Monday October 3rd at 2:14 – first quarter
  • Sunday October 9th at 22:55 – full moon
  • Monday October 17th at 19:15 – last quarter
  • Tuesday October 25th at 12:49 – new moon

Things to do:

Here are some ideas of things you can do to honour and enjoy the moon and its various phases:

  • “Charge” or “activate” magickal objects. I like to symbolically charge my spell bags and amulets in the moon light, especially during the full moon. I usually put them in a tray or flowerpot and place it by a window so they can catch some moonlight.
  • Take a walk in a full moon, imagine there’s a werewolf hidden inside you, you are powerful yet restrained. The night belongs to you and the world is at your hairy clawed fingertips. 🙂
  • Stargazing and moongazing in general is amazing, whether you’re into witchcraft or not. Did you know you can often see planets in the night sky too, without a telescope? I use this website to learn about which planets are visible (they usually look a bit bigger than stars).
  • Keep a moon diary and write down your dreams, feelings/moods, things you’re grateful for, magickal/remarkable things that happen every day.
  • Write poetry, a song, or a zine about the moon. I intend to write about moon cycles in one of my next zines.
  • Create objects with lunar imagery like charm bags, postcards, or stamps, or wear lunar jewellery.
  • Decorate your home with glow-in-the-dark moons and stars or make art with glow-in-the-dark paint. (I even have glow-in-the-dark sewing thread that I used to seal a spell bottle and embroider on a charm bag!)
  • Plan some activities according to the moon cycle correspondences: Celebrate the dark moon with self-care, rest, hot chocolate, cosiness, writing in your diary/planner, dreaming big… The half moon (first quarter or last quarter) can mean balance and equality so find some ways to express these qualities: for example through yoga or activism. The full moon is considered the most powerful so it’s perfect for planning big spells and rituals on that night. The time between the new moon and full moon is all about growing, creating, and receiving, and the period between the full moon and new moon can be used for releasing, reflecting, and recuperating. You can plan your monthly activities accordingly if you like.
  • Do a tarot/oracle spread during a particular moon phase or for an entire moon cycle (the latter is best done around the new moon).
  • Listen to moon-inspired music like my solo project Lost Luna: 🙂



More ideas in these inspiring videos:

Molly Roberts’ lunar love note:


Learn about the difference between the dark moon and the new moon from Jessica and the Moon:


Have fun naming the full moons with Wesley of Twenty Two Zines:


So, what do you enjoy doing during the full moon or any other moon phase?




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  1. I’ve always been drawn to the moon too. As a kid I pushed my bed next to the window so the moonlight would hit me when I slept. I went away to school and would sit on this hillside on full moon nights and sing to it, just whatever songs I felt like. Where I am now I can’t see the moon, so instead I have a moon lantern and a ridiculous amount of moon jewelry to compensate

    1. Ooh I love that! Thank you so much for sharing! I feel blessed that the moonlight shines through all the windows of my apartment and I love moon jewelry too. 🙂

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