Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 6

For this month’s favourite WitchTube list, I chose to focus on activism and social justice. These 7 videos include information about decolonising knowledge, queering wicca, the magick of masks, spells for Black Lives Matter and reproductive rights, and tips for queer books and decks as well as a black history oracle. Enjoy!


Interesting talk by The Skeptical Witch about decolonising our thinking and knowledge hierarchies:


PoC Magick WandaWoman shows us a spell she made for Black Lives Matter (I really wish her YouTube channel had more videos!):


Magical Crafting offers us a spell for reproductive rights, with a sigil and a spell jar, including explanations for the magickal symbols/ingredients that are used:


Sedna Woo, an atheist witch, explains the magick of face masks (sadly still relevant in 2022!):


Discover the beautiful Black History Poetry Oracle by Over The Moon Academy:


The Chaotic Witch Aunt shows their collection of queer books and decks because we always need more of those:


Misha Magdalene is interviewed by Yvonne Aburrow, both non-binary queer wiccans, and their talk is just brilliant, hilarious, and super political! They discuss inclusivity in wicca, a trans/queer/gender map, face masks, stuffed animals, and more:


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