Spooky read & watch list

Spooky times require spooky entertainment! If you’re not sure what to watch or read these days, I have some recommendations for you:



I’m currently reading:

The Virago Book of Witches – by Shahrukh Husain
A collection of stories from all over the world involving witches, perfect for this season! (Thank you, Jojo, for this wonderful gift!)

Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark: A Guide to Summoning Spirits, Divining the Future, and Invoking the Supernatural – by Lucia Peters
A little manual for “games” involving ghosts and dark magick! To play at your own risk!

Delicates by Brenna Thummler
This comic book or graphic novel tells the story of two teenage girls who can see (and befriend) the ghosts who live in a laudromat (because you know, ghosts consist of sheets so they can easily hide there). The book talks about fitting in, friendship, and invisibility.



Angsty Angels & Dandy Demons – by Britta Schulte
Britta has written several fun (very) short story collections in zine format and this one is specifically about creatures such as fairies, sirens, and wizzards. I love these flash fictions and I’m sure you will too!

The Ghastling
This is a self-published magazine filled with amazing “tales of the macabre, ghosts, and the oh-so strange”. I found it at the Swansea Zine Fest a few years ago and my only regret is that I didn’t buy more issues then! (I read #4 and #9).

(For one of my own “spooky” zines featuring Chainsaw Bunny, take a look here. I’m working on a new one which will be out very soon!)



The Craft Legacy
A lot of witches, feminists, and riot grrrls of my generation loved The Craft. It may have even influenced them in becoming interested in witchcraft. But this sequel is way better on all fronts and even makes me have peace with the disappointing ending of the first film.

Get Out
Another one of my favourite thrillers/horror movies. It’s extra scary because it’s so real! Make sure not to read any spoilers beforehand!

The Addams Family
It’s a classic. I rewatched it recently and I still love the characters, especially Wednesday and Morticia.


YouTube videos:

Real-life spooky stories by the atheist witch Sedna Woo:


Alwyn Oak and Evangeline’s short horror film “The Fatal Score” with original piano music!:


Enjoy & stay spooky!



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