New – 5 new witch zines: Witches’ Brew + Bunnies and Other Monsters

Yes, that’s right, I just finished and printed 5 new witch zines! Four issues of Witches’ Brew and a special Halloween-themed mini-zine called Bunnies and Other Monsters! You can find them all in my webshop or email me to order or suggest a trade. More info about the zines:


Witches’ Brew #5 – queer crone witch

This mini-zine was made during a zine workshop I taught during the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival this Summer. It’s a colourful celebration of the power of the queer crone witch.

Witches’ Brew #6 – the faces of the moon

I wanted to make a mini-zine about the moon but there’s so much to say that I decided to create several issues. This is the first one that focusses on the moon phases (or faces). It contains examples of full moon names and symbolical meanings for each phase.

Witches’ Brew #7 – time & space

#7 is a bigger (A6 size, 32 pages) and more personal witchy zine full of writings and drawings about sceptical/fluid/DIY witchcraft, witchy places, childhood memories, age, the wheel of the year, my magical morning routine, and more.

Witches’ Brew #8 – sigil catalog: a book of magical symbols

This is a mini-catalog of all the sigils I’ve designed so far. Sigils are magickal symbols and these particular ones can be used as self-care support as well as for activist and artistic purposes. On the inside of the mini-zine you can find 4 different ways for how to design your own sigils.

Bunnies and Other Monsters

This Halloween-themed mini-zine features Chainsaw Bunny and her friends in their most scary Halloween outfits… or maybe this shows their true face?? 😮 Read only at your own risk!

[Take a look at all my zines here.]


Buy this entire zine bundle in my Ko-fi webshop.

Email me to order specific zines or if you have any questions.

I’m also open to trades, especially with other witch zines or queer perzines!

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