ZineWriMo 2022 part 1 – zine ideas, art grimoires, and where I find inspiration

In this blogpost, I’m sharing some creative projects that I worked on this week. For example there’s the ZineWriMo challenge (Zine Writing Month) in November. Even though I’m not following all the ZineWriMo prompts by Sea Green Zines, you should take a look at them because they are fun! Apart from zines, I’m going to show you what I made so far for the magickal grimoire / artjournal course by Molly Roberts

I’ve recently released a few new zines. Printing and publishing new zines means for me: cutting, folding, and binding them at home so that’s one thing I’ve been doing this week. Making zines is quite a lot of work that may be invisible to readers (unless they are zinesters too). It’s work I enjoy though and that can be quite relaxing. For example I can get my anger out with that cutting board hahahaha and folding or binding zines while watching a film or tv show gives my hands something to do. Take a look at my webshop for all my zine bundles (the new witchy zine bundle is only 6 euros + postage!) and at my catalog for all the zines I have available.


While folding my recent zines, I’m already brainstorming about the next ones. I write all my zine ideas in a Libre Office document on my laptop. That works best for me at this moment. I used to keep a notebook with zine ideas/titles but it’s easier to edit and expand the ideas on a computer. You can see the notebook here:


One of this week’s ZineWriMo prompts is where we get our inspiration to make zines. I mainly get inspired by other zines/zinesters but I also find inspiration in non-zine form f.e. in music, city, walks, books, all kinds of art, just looking through my art supplies and collage materials…

Some years ago I made a mini-zine called Zinespiration that you may want to check out because it expands a bit on this subject. (Email me if you’re interested. It’s only 1 euro + postage or you can suggest a swap!)


Talking about inspiration… Molly Roberts definitely keeps inspiring me! She’s a visual artist, musician, and creative YouTube witch and I’m currently participating in her online course for making a playful creative grimoire / witchy artjournal. For now I’m calling mine “space rock grimoire”. Here you can see some of my artjournals/grimoires (I chose the blue outer-space one to work with, hence the title) and some collage materials and a lino stamp that I gathered for this project:

Below some photos of unfinished work-in-progress pages and some probably-finished pages. These were made using leaves (rubbed on tracing paper and used as stamps), that lino stamp you can see above, zigzag scissors (or what’s it called?), collages, and lots of doodling.



  • I’ll happily continue the art grimoire course by Molly Roberts
  • I’ll be teaching a feminist zine workshop on the 11th in Brussels for Vrouwendag
  • I hope to make some progress on upcoming zines…
  • And I’m thinking about creating a 24 hour zine at the end of this month!

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