Some of my favourite witchy YouTube videos – part 7

For this month’s selection of witchy videos, I’m focussing on tarot and oracle cards: how to choose them, how to use them, how to make your own, how to have fun with them, and other such fun. There are so many awesome tarot videos out there so it was hard to choose… Anyway, let’s play!


When you’ve just bought or received a new tarot or oracle deck, there are multiple ways to bond with it. Jessica and the Moon helps you along with a few great ideas:

Tarot doesn’t need to be restricted to divination or self-reflection only. Anya Esma shares interesting alternative ideas for using tarot cards:

In her video, atheist witch Sedna Woo explains the brilliant and fun idea of using memes as tarot spreads:

Tarot tags often result in entertaining videos to watch. One example is a tarot scavenger hunt game that you can play along with. This is the video response to that tag by Twenty Two Zines:

And here is Jessica and the Moon playing the same tarot game… (You should really try it yourself, it’s fun!)

Cathou Tarot responded to a tarot tag that gives you an idea of her tastes and practices, very interesting stuff to think about:

Cathou Tarot also shows her most inclusive tarot decks in this video, good to add to your own wishlist! 🙂

Let’s get creative: take a look at the magnificent oracle cards by Meghann and the Moon that you can make yourself:

And finally another video by Twenty Two Zines because he has a lot of great tarot content. This one encourages you to pay attention to the backs of tarot cards:


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