ZineWriMo 2022 part 2 – zine tools, workshop, grimoire, and how to support zinesters

Week 2 of ZineWriMo 2022 (Zine Writing Month) is almost over so here are some ziney and crafty things I did in the past 7 days: taking photos of my zine tools, teaching a feminist zine workshop, and working on my new art grimoire.

Last week I missed the prompt of showing off your zine tools so I’m picking that up today because I like this prompt a lot. Not only to show the tools I work with myself but also to see those of other zinesters. Anyway, here are some of mine: notebooks, pens, washi tapes, stamps, and a broken pair of scissors… 🙂

As another prompt suggests organising your zine tools, you can also see how I store some of them. My tools are a little bit all over my apartment, on the tables I’m currently working on, in a few drawers, on shelves, and as you can see below: in my messy “snail mail / tools station” on wheels…

The ZineWriMo prompts list recommends supporting zine makers this week (or any other time of course) so I’m sharing an article I wrote a few years ago that gives you some tips for how to support zinesters and other creatives. Read it here.

I like the creative rituals prompt but I personally don’t have anything ritualistic that I do on a regular base. I did perform a creativity gratitude ritual about a year ago that could maybe be interesting. Oh and I also try to put a sigil lino stamp in each of my notebooks, sketchbooks, and grimoires.

Talking about grimoires… At the moment I’m participating in the Rock Your Grimoire course by Molly Roberts and it’s been amazing and so addictive so far. Each day we get new prompts to use in our grimoire or artjournal. I love all the ideas and think some of them will be useful for making zines too. Here are some (work-in-progress) photos and I will post more soon when my grimoire is finished…

On Friday I gave a feminist zine workshop at the Vrouwendag event (Vrouwendag is Women’s Day in Dutch). It happens every year on November 11th in another city in Belgium. That date, November 11th, was chosen in 1972 because it was the only day that Simone de Beauvoir was available to speak that year and a practical coincidence was that it’s an official holiday in Belgium as well. I was very happy with the workshop. It was fully booked with super interested and creative participants. They each made an awesome little mini-zine and one participant even made three zines! You can see some of the results here:

Are you participating in ZineWriMo too? What have you been doing this week?

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