ZineWriMo 2022 part 3 – creative space, zine kits, and metazines

Would you like to know what kind of zine things I did last week? It’s ZineWriMo or Zine Writing Month but I didn’t manage to do much zine writing yet. Still, I’m trying to do a few prompts from the ZineWriMo list each week because I enjoy them…

I’m running behind on so many things including reading zines. As I didn’t manage to read that many in October there won’t be a “zines I’ve read last month” blogpost this month. I’ll combine October and November next month. So no zine reviews for ZineWriMo sadly.

From zine reading to zine making: in the past I’ve made quite a few metazines or zines about zines in the past. That includes a mini-zine about how to make your own zine (available in 3 languages: English, French, and Dutch). I’ve also collected a bunch of zine manuals by other zinesters on this blog. You can find them here. I hope they will inspire you to make your own zine(s), dear reader, if you aren’t already a zinester.

I love the ZineWriMo prompt “make a zine-making kit”. I plan on making a mini-zine about art travel kits, self-care bags and witchy portable altars soon. So what would I include in such a kit? For sure it needs a pencil, eraser, sharpener, black pen, black marker, (recycled) paper, scissors, glue stick, and collage materials (f.e. old magazines, wrapping paper, flyers…). Optional: washi tape, coloured paper, stamps and ink, stickers, and whatever you want to play with. You can of course also go the digital route and make your zine on a computer using for example open source software like Scribus or Libre Office.

Speaking of zine-making and materials, as I wrote here before, earlier this month I taught a feminist zine workshop at the Vrouwendag event in Brussels. It’s always a pleasure to see what everyone creates and the results were magnificent again. While the participants were working on their mini-zines, I made a mini-zine myself called “Eat My Zine” about why and how to make feminist zines. It needs a bit more editing and then maybe I’ll add it to my webshop.

One creative thing I did last week was draw an illustration for a zine contribution. It’s for the zine Unfair Maiden by Twenty Two Zines. It still needs scanning and photoshopping but I’m happy with it so far. No sneak peeks yet but I’ll make publicity for the zine here on my blog once it’s published.

Another fun ZineWriMo prompt is showing off your creative space. Right now I work mostly at my living room table from my sofa (with a blanket nearby). I’m working on multiple creative projects at once and I like having some of my to-read books and zines on that table too so it’s FULL! See photo at the top of this blogpost… The “zine & snail mail station on wheels” – see photo above – is also always within arms reach. On one of its shelves I’ve put my tarot and oracle decks (they used to be a on book shelf in another room) so they are easier to work with and look through. All the artwork of those decks is extremely inspiring for my creative projects too.

One thing I’d love to do in the future is make a perzine-newsletter. I love this zine format that for example Billy and Sea Green Zines have been using. At the moment I don’t have time for another project but it’s something I’ll keep in mind for when I do.

So that was it for last week! What have you been doing? Are you participating in ZineWriMo?


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