Postcard bundles & winter holiday cards

For me the winter holidays (or the summer holidays in the Southern hemisphere) are the ultimate postcard sending and receiving season. So I’ve prepared two postcard bundles you can send to your friends and family. They are both available in my webshop. In total I’ve created 16 postcards so far over the years. Let’s take a look at all the designs, bundles, and options:

Postcard bundle I

Postcards included in this bundle:

  • Garden
  • Moon with trees
  • Chainsaw Bunny letter writing
  • Chainsaw Bunny fireworks
  • 3 witches
  • Coven
  • Curly wind
  • Blanket fort

Available in my webshop.

Postcard bundle II

Postcards included in this bundle:

  • Octopus at typewriter
  • Chainsaw Bunny ice skating
  • Cats & books
  • Chainsaw Bunny with cake
  • Tree house
  • My body my choice
  • Make your own media / creative coffee
  • Home-recording / queercore

Available in my webshop.

Assemble your own bundle!

Of course you can also choose which cards you want and how many. You can see all the separate postcard designs here. Each card costs 2 euros (+ postage). Email me to place an order.

How to order?

Both postcard bundles are for sale at in my Ko-fi webshop. You can also email me to buy any of my cards or bundles.

Enjoy the postcard season!

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