ZineWriMo 2022 part 4 + overview – journaling, snail mail, and an ode to Mawy

Today is the last day of ZineWriMo 2022 (Zine Writing Month) so I’d like to take you along and show you the ziney and arty parts of my life in the last 1,5 week.

First some announcements though… This Saturday December 3rd you can visit the temporary zine library / reading corner at the birthday party of Pardon zine collective at De Koer in Ghent. Some of my zines will be there to read or to buy as well. The next day on Sunday the 4th I’ll be tableing with my zines, postcards, and more at the Go Local winter craft market at Meubelfabriek in Ghent together with Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries. Hope to see you there! (By the way you can also get my zines etc from my webshop).

Now back to ZineWriMo and the creative stuff I did last week:

Artjournals versus zines

Last week I did more artjournaling, working in a few journals/grimoires at the same time just because I felt like it. 🙂 For me journals are both similar and different from zines. Like zines, anyone can make them, creativity without any rules is encouraged, and there is an enthusiastic and supportive (online) community sharing (images of) their creations. You can play with paper media, write your heart out, and experiment visually. But unlike zines, you don’t “publish” them, you don’t reproduce and distribute them, and you don’t send them out to people. Journals are a single object to create first and foremost for yourself. You can choose what to share (as photos online or by showing it to a friend) and what to keep for yourself (you can of course keep everything private/secret). As such the visual aspect is what’s shown most often and unlike in zines, the writing and personal reflections are not intended to be read by others or discussed. That makes them a combination of private diaries and public artworks as opposed to the community publishing of zines. Even though zines are my first love, I really enjoy playing with journals, which give me a lot of freedom and possibilities to explore my writing and art without an audience in mind. My conclusion? I will continue to make both zines and journals!

This is a new unfinished journal I’ve been working on that focuses on pagan holidays or sabbats and seasonal ideas to do on those days (inspired by this video by Corregan the Crone and made in a handbound journal made by Meghann and the Moon):


Last Saturday I went to the vernissage of the exhibition of Mawy Spencer‘s artwork. Mawy passed away earlier this year and their colleagues took the initiative to organise an exhibition of their work in the museum where they worked. Mawy made zines, comics, illustrations, prints, collages… Everything they touched became art: their bicycle, skateboard, basketball, face masks… I always felt that their home was at the same time a museum and an art studio. It was an extension of Mawy’s body and being. I’m very grateful towards Mawy’s colleagues, friends, and family for making this exhibition happen and for inviting me. It was extremely sad to be there and see Mawy’s work and hear their voice without them being there but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I will blog more about Mawy’s work soon. In the meantime, take a look at Mawy’s blog where you can still read all their comics (trigger warnings: suicide, community violence, mental health). And here are some photos of the exhibition:


Snail mail

Today I decorated a bunch of envelopes with mushroom stamps. I bought a new ink pad yesterday and was eager to use it. I also needed some more decorated envelopes to send out upcoming zine orders and it felt appropriate to do this on the last day of ZineWriMo.


So during this year’s edition of ZineWriMo I’ve enjoyed showing you my favourite tools and workspace, my artjournals work-in-progress photos, the mini-zines that were made during a feminist zine workshop I taught, and more. You can look back at the previous blogposts here:

Other ZineWriMo bloggers:


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